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  1. I flew yesterday from Edinburgh To Donegol on Vatsim. Near full service. Very very enjoyable (apart from hellish weather) Lots of.... inexperienced voices on the coms shall we say. But then I guess somewhere like Donegol is exactly where you should cut your teeth and not EGLL.
  2. I don't understand why a fix has a "release date"? As above, it's not a feature update, it's a fix. To announce a release date would suggest they have a fix now, but are intentionally delaying the release to.... Eh, generate hype? Drum up marketing and anticipation? It makes no sense. Surely if you have a fix you should release it as soon as possible. That's what other developers do with other software. Why do all these fixes need bundled together? Just release them when they are ready! I don't know, it shows something of immaturity from asobo.
  3. Fix for simconnect could have been pushed out in a 3Kb hotfix at anytime. It's obviously not a priority for Asobo, if it was why wait to bundle it into a large service pack. I'll be suprised if it's in there.
  4. I think Asobo have abandoned the idea of supporting simconnect tbh. Otherwise I dont understand how it can take them weeks for what should be a simple fix.
  5. I recently looked into getting my P1.... Nah. way way too involved. It's basically the same time as getting my actual PPL in real life. so why wouldn't I do that instead? Seems a bit mad to me. Couldn't vat sim have smaller increments?
  6. Been flying for years on Vatsim (minus a break recently) but looking to get some proper vatsim qualifications. I've gone here https://www.vatsim.net/pilots/training and here - http://ptd.vatsim.net/ But when you click on any of the ratings it just says "old". Can someone point my in the right direction for training and getting P1-4 rating thanks.
  7. Just because behind closed doors you are talking to Asobo. Doesnt mean they can or should just leave the public hanging with no message about them being aware of the problem, working on a fix or a date for the fix. It's all well and good that you have insider knowledge, but we are the paying and playing public should be given the curtosy of the fix being made public, esspecially (as said earlier) as Vatsim was promised functionality.
  8. Aparently an update to MSFS coming on 27th Aug. No specific mention of Vatsim fix but hopefully it's in there. 🤞
  9. Im in! UK2! Does it matter? should i stay on UK2?
  10. It's painful, I'm desperate to get on lol.
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