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  1. No issues at EBBU as far as I'm aware! (Believe it or not, we were bored most of the time :-)), I hope that all technology worked fine and would like to thank the planning team. I would personally like the lottery system to be extended to the airports too. It's not that much fun as a vACC/ARTCC if you always have to provide en-route coverage, but never have one of your airports selected. I think that the long term goal should be that all airports that apply get included in the event and an unlimited amount of slots is provided. We're not there yet, but I'm happy that we're taking steps t
  2. Hello VATSIM! As you probably know, Belgium made the third place in the FIFA world championship. You might also know that the 21st of July is Belgium's national holiday. To celebrate both events, we'll fully staff Brussels Airport (EBBR) so you can come and check whether our controllers also deserve a bronze cup. All traffic ranging from Cessna's to 747's and from cargo to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]enger is welcomed to the capital of Europe. See you on the 21st! Charts can be found here. Pilot information can be found here. We strongly urge pilots to read the pilot briefing before star
  3. Hello everyone I'm addressing myself to everyone using the SweatBox simulator server. It's a known issue that time commands in SweatBox are valid for the entire server. Tonight, I was training a member at EBBR_APP and the simulation was constantly pausing, accelerating at 4x speed etc., this way, normal vectoring became impossible. Therefore, I'd like to ask everyone the following things: Never use time acceleration on SweatBox! Don't pause the SweatBox simulation, but try to pause every plane separately when able. It's understandable that it might be necessary to pause the simu
  4. No problem, everything works fine now. Thanks for fixing the issue!
  5. Hello, I'm experiencing the same issue. I've tried to download the licence file several times now, but it keeps telling that the licence is expired. I think that this licence isn't valid anymore due to the New Year, is someone able to make a new one?
  6. Today in Belux vACC: JDI8X (pronounced as JEDI): Request IFR clearance. ELLX_APP: JDI8X, hello Luke Skywalker, cleared to destination via DIK2T departure, initial climb 4000ft, set Millennium Falcon squawk 7172.
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