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  1. Hi sirs. I´m using your Swift client but I have a problem and after reviewed videos and tutorials cant find a solution. I have installed two folders with the Bluebell in one and the X-Csl models in other, totally more than 6000 models.. I dont receive any alerts or messages of malfunction and every works like a charm viewing a lot of different liveries and plane models running with airlines that I didn't even know exist looool. But all the Iberia traffics are showed with the old Iberia livery and I dont know how tell Swift priorice the modern livery, and I sure with this quantit
  2. This was a great event for me. I was accompanied with a real CRJ-1000 pilot friend and he was surprised with the brutal event traffic, we saw over 1.800 connections. Is this a new record? We need to leave our official book due to time problems and choose another more short fly out of the event KMCO-EKCH changed to KEWR-EGKK, via NAT U. Any problems another than the yet commented oceanic clearance, we cant to obtain it. And the pos reports via web, impossible to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] these via voice due to saturation. It would be a suggestion for future editions that you would
  3. Thanks!!!! A lot of work for you and people like my making this work bigger....
  4. And what is the ideal option? Leave it blank and choose my own plan or prefill it and cancel?
  5. Hi! I go tho drop my book KMCO-EKCH in five minutes because I need to take another more short fly due to time problems. One question. I dont see the option for drop it in my pilot dashboard. How I drop it?
  6. Sigh... So the big complaint last year is that the site (Well, SSO) was crashing. We spent a month fixing that up and for the most part things just went really smooth But because we requested an extra few hours to push some additional code this is an issue? And yeah.. This is absolutely like a lowcost company. I have team members along with myself personally footing the bill for the infrastructure here. The hundreds of hours of code? Also done for free. . Matthew my comentary was in ironic mode. I know perfectly how many hours take all of this needed, this great fliying net and
  7. Last hour changes, like a lowcost company pilot planning...
  8. What happend with the bookings? I only can see Oslo departures.
  9. To my way of seeing here we are all for fun and all do the best we know. Nobody should apologize if it were not for something very serious.
  10. Finally great event! Half an hour delay for departure in CYYZ and some problems for obtain the oceanic clearance, (finally I entered without clearance and obtain it p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing entering point). After that all has worked like a charm. Perfect work of Gander, Shanwick, Scottish, Maastrich, Langen, and finally all Frankfurt staff. My 747-8 arrives without problems. Thanks to all and see you in march!
  11. Finally a take a good luck and encountered an available book in the CTP site. CYYZ-EDDF I have a doubt, any formulary for select a SELCAL?
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