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  1. Error occurs when deselecting a frequency to listen to via "RX" and "HS". After I deselect and select the same frequency, vSTARS says "Specified voice channel does not exist." Afterwards I can no longer receive on the frequency, but I'm able to transmit. Error log:
  2. The issue was fixed by changing "" in the vSTARSconfig.xml to "". It appears there was an issue with the latest installer.
  3. I have more than once. vSTARS would actually start when I tried it, but it would still give me the unhandled exception when I went to user settings. Now it just won't start. EDIT: Here's a video detailing exactly what i'm doing to reinstall vSTARS.
  4. Yes. I've tried both the beta and the full version. At the time before this all happened, I was running the beta. After I tried to fix it, I re-installed both the beta and the release version.
  5. After deleting all files related to vSTARS and re-installing, I'm greeted with this when opening it:
  6. This morning, I opened STARS and received a "There was an error in the XML docomeent" error out of nowhere. I controlled last night for over 6 hours and nothing happened, and I open it this morning and that pops up. I can't recall the exact numbers, but I Googled the issue and found that deleting the vSTARSConfig.xml would help. If anything, that made it worse. I opened vSTARS again and it said it couldn't load any of the servers. I've reinstalled both the beta and the full release version, yet any time I open it, it gives me a "could not load any servers" error and gives me an unhandled e
  7. Here's another example of a similar system in use at Miami. Contrary to SFO, they have a list for each runway in use, this would benefit as well for coordination and organization.
  8. With the addition of ASDE-X to vSTARS, more and more tower controllers are beginning to use vSTARS as a tower display, as most major ATCTs do real world. I can confirm this exists at SFO, so definitely more facilities have it, but there is a "LEFT" list for aircraft on the left parallel runway and a "RIGHT" list for aircraft on the right side. This is initiated by the scratchpad that an aircraft has (I believe so, maybe someone can correct me?) so "30L" or "VL3" would put an aircraft on the "LEFT" list and so forth. I think this would be a great feature to have to help tower controlle
  9. ABC123: ABC123 requesting clearance (I talked to him on voice) ABC123: im so sorry can you change it to text MIA_GND: ABC123, Your cruise alt is incorrect for direction of flight..can you accept FL360 or FL380? ABC123: rgr MIA_GND: ABC123, FL360 or FL380? ABC123: k MIA_GND: ABC123, Please choose one. ABC123: i already did MIA_GND: ABC123, Which one did you pick? ABC123: fl360 MIA_GND: ABC123, You never said that, but okay. MIA_GND: ABC123, cleared to [airport] via the HEDLY2 departure, then as filed. Maintain FL360. Switch to Unicom on 122.80 after departure then resume own navi
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