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  1. I'd like to join but 1st need to have this issue clarified. I downloaded it and the rig suggested not to also.
  2. Website blocked due to reputation Website blocked: vpilot.rosscarlson.dev Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks pages that come from websites with relatively light traffic and have been reported to have malicious activity. If you trust this website, please click CONTINUE TO SITE. Otherwise, choose GO BACK. We strongly recommend you do not continue. Do not block this site again for malware What is reputation? This website is suspected of being compromised or hosting a potential privacy or security threat. Learn even more
  3. I usually try to make them sound realish - ie "ATC, this is [my callsign] requesting to go off frequency for [x] minutes" Disconnecting is always ok, you can't collide with anyone when you're not even there Disconnecting doesn't even need to be announced, although there may be a minute or two of confusion on the ATC end if you don't. It's nice to let them know you are logging off to avoid that confusion, but sometimes life isn't that patient. Disconnecting is appropriate when: 1: You suddenly need to go somewhere in an emergency and may be away and unable to respond (ie: mum/spouse
  4. Maybe a reset via disconnect then connect? How bout that?
  5. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume PTT means push to transmit/talk and the answer is of course? If not elaborate on the meanings of this PTT- and then I can wrap me little brain around these other items...time outs etc... Also nothing changes as far as colors in frequency box upper right etc, it has come back but only after I've pretty much lost control over the situation and in regards as to others enjoyment so I then just bail.
  6. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume PTT means push to transmit/talk and the answer is of course? If not elaborate on the meanings of this PTT- and then I can wrap me little brain around these other items...time outs etc...
  7. Well yes in brief. I load ASN, then FSX-AirCraft, AD and gate, then vPilot, all opened as administrator, which vPilot has been check for also. Double check vPilot for voice settings before attempting a COM check if ATC are available. They usually give me a 4.5 - 5 or even 5.5. It starts at end of flight typically, haven't used long so limited in my personal DATA analysis, however I'm sure I've bailed at the start also as I've been fiddling with this since install. My verbal communications are fine, can hear controllers and others on frequency. It just at some point quit
  8. No it basically just quits? Played around last night after ending flight AGAIN due to issues...I was looking into updates for drivers or? and found a compatibility tab and discovered it was set to default with Windows XP...I run Windows 7...so I reset that value and will be trying again today to check and see if that changes the game?
  9. Thanks for the information regarding this situation. I'm basically new to VATSIM. So far loving it! A few vPilot issues still but working on those. I was under the impression that such requests were to be discrete for the benefit of others. I read the rules but didn't catch any notes regarding posts and verbal OK were to be required. Also didn't realize disconnecting was OK? So now I know!
  10. Yes I got read the riot act today by a ATC CTR dude, he tried to contact me as traffic was getting congested in the immediate airspace @FL360...apparently via voice...then...3 times in a text message...the two other craft I believe were manned but they couldn't be vectored away?...just me? Anyway after enduring a mid-air lecture with all my fellow pilots listening in on why I almost caused a major air disaster and to never do this again! I brought it to this gentlemans attenyion that I DID post a OOCP message before I left for my mission... According to him...after he did find my
  11. ARRRGGG! Bout ready to trash this gig! Have only used this client as i'm new to VATSIM in general but using FlightSims since 1995, flew on some other similar based site but can't remember name? Virtually every time used it fails at some point! Most common is at end of flight - at the most fun part - approach! I find myself disconnected from voice to ATC They hear me...I can't hear them Does it all the time! Anyone else?
  12. Any help yet? Don't live close just curious? What type sim did you get?
  13. Absolute hit in my book! The US is lovely when in varying shades of grey with blue eyes looking at you!
  14. I find the lower right of my monitor to be best to "reduce" the window on screens interference and allows me enough room to see the active controller list.
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