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  1. Hi Gary, Deleting the client config works on a one time basis, if euroscope or the client is restarted then the issue returns. But its good enough to keep me going, thanks! If there something I can do to prevent having to delete the config everytime? Many thanks
  2. Hi Evan thanks for the reply, didn't get a notification for some reason, only just seen. Still having the issue. The client for me is always run in admin, I have also tried not running in admin. It works 50% of the time. On the times when it doesn't work; when I press the PTT nothing happens. As you can see it looks normal but I was pressing the PTT as I took the screenshot. Also, I ran he program just beforehand to test and it worked, restarted the client and also Euroscope and it didn't work, it really is pot luck. I have tried changing PTT which is also di
  3. Hi all, This is an issue which has been bugging me for quite some time and nobody has even attempted to help so far. The issue I have is that I open AFV client and connect but it will not allow me to transmit, I have tried changing PTT so various options but the client almost always crashes when trying to change, occasionally if I persist I can change and I have tried different PTTs and still no ability to transmit. Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated! It means I can only control on rare occasions where it decides to work
  4. I have been unable to control for months as the AFV client crashes everytime I try to select a new PTT, sometimes I get lucky and it sets one but then it doesn't work and I am unable to transmit. I have reinstalled multiple times, I am on the latest version, I have tried troubleshooting compatibility, I have tried running in different compatibility modes, I have tried deleting the config file. Getting particularly frustrating!!!
  5. We are having the same predicament here with a student, not managed to fix it yet
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