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  1. Ooohh... Well. I guess I need help. I've just figured out that I haven't configured my VRC Just as with any other program, I just opened it and was hoping it would work Only now I got to read the docomeentation and everything makes sense So - where do I find the .sct files? On the Dutch vACC I can only find the EuroScope files. Are they those files that you said needed to be converted? If so, how do I do that? If not, where should I look?
  2. Hi again! Hmmm... Still getting the same error message - invalid CID Haven't copy-pasted it, I know my CID by heart. Anyway, what is a sector file? And does asking this question say that yes, I need help? I am starting to ask myself very seriously if I ever get to be an ATC. It' really annoying
  3. Well, yeah, I should begin with that, I guess. Buuut, I still can't log in because it says that my CID is not valid Do I have to register on some VRC-related site first or ... ?
  4. Weeell, it's aliiiveeee! I got VRC! Buuuut! I don't know which my callsign is, I guess I should read some docomeentation, huh? Well. It seems I have a lot of stuff to do Thank you!
  5. Why, is it more convenient to convert .ese files to .sct2 files for VRC? If so, why?
  6. Yuppy, thanks a lot for the suggestion! I'll give it one more try, and if I'm not lucky I'll switch to my ooold Dell with Windows on it.
  7. Hi! It's been several days since I've first installed EuroScope following this tutorial and I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong I've also registered on stackoverflow.com and asked there, too, but nobody seems to know what the problem is. So, I'll post about my issue here, too: "I've been trying for days to run EuroScope on my Yosemite OSX using this tutorial - http://www.vatcaf.org/docomeents/ES_Installation_Mac.pdf , as I am an illiterate with the terminal commands and so on. So, after installing XCode, Macports and XQuartz as they suggested, I successfully installed W
  8. Thanx a lot for the tip, I thought I was not allowed to go with the NL vACC so I haven't tried Google-translating it )
  9. Weeell… I chose the Netherlands - and couldn't log in to their page. LE - Oh, ok. I just found the Controllers menu -> New Controllers -> This page is intentionally written in Dutch only… Oh well Am I not allowed to choose any vACC I wish?
  10. Ok, cool! I got an email and it sounds very promissing All I have to do is to write back and see what comes next, yuppy!
  11. Hi, Bradley! Thank you for your quick response. I had found that page (because I've turned the vatsim and the vateud upside-down, searching for a place to get started as an ATC), but it still doesn't make any logic: How to join How do I join VATSIM Europe Division (VATEUD)? If you are a VATSIM member, but do not belong to VATEUD, please visit the VATSIM Member Service page to change your Division. You must also be a member of VATSIM Europe Region (VATEUR), but if NOT, follow the this link , go to Membership Dashbord and change Region and Division. Note that a Region transfer can tak
  12. Hi, I'm new here and I'm dealling with the same issue as Connor - I have no clue where to go in order to get started for once! Could anyone help me? I'm interested in the VATEUD region, thank you.
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