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  1. never heard of this viewer client beofr but going to give it a shop. I hope it saves from the problems vatspy has with its settings file. I can tell the specified day was a tuesday purely by 2 Zurich positions on (TWR by me) and Basel.
  2. At which point you could have responded: "I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure you sir that I am indeed "looking".. As BAW472 has been snoring in his seat beside me for past 2000 miles..." 'might've actually been worth a possible temporary suspension. Seriously; You handled that with great professionalism and more than a little restraint. Great idea! That would have made the supervisor leave straight away, probbalby embarr[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed about arguing with a pilot flying with the captain fast asleep beside him! I'll be sure to use this if I ever have to.
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