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  1. Ethen, I have the current ATO requirements structure document. Is this structure still valid even under the training content changes that ae being put in place?
  2. VATSIM's new ATO program adoptions are leaving Virtual Airlines out of the "training" mix. A VA's draw to the ATO program, to begin, was the mutual benefit of exposure to like-minded hobbyists. VATSIM's ATO program has always been a resource burden to VA's wishing to comply or offer the service to pilots. Now it seems that VATSIM has decided to leave VA's behind in the moves to reorganize both its pilot ratings and ATO status. Often these moves are done with little or no effort to reach out. As the leader of a old time, well established VA, I have to say that I have a high level of frust
  3. The decision to update pilot ratings and "change" ratings of existing pilots is "wrong". Pilots who earned ratings from registered ATO's regardless of when should have been grandfathered into the change. While modeled to follow the "real-world" idea of flight training, changes made by bodies like the FAA would respect existing ratings of pilots who had accomplished the ratings under a different system. It is not understood why VAATSIM would apply a policy in such a heavy-handed manner. I am one of many members who are affected by the change. I have a PPL, "real-world". My license is gra
  4. Effective at 0800Z on March 29, 2020, WestWind Virtual Airlines will migrate to a new and improved web site located at http://flywestwind.org/ . WestWind is always hiring new pilots, both with past Virtual Airline experience as well as new and inexperienced pilots. With over thirty years of continual service, WestWind remains one of the most established and continual virtual airlines serving the hobby. All pilots are welcome.
  5. Guys, I had a pilot in my VA who encountered a request in VATUSA via "VRC" and was NOT able to respond. Thankfully, he asked the question which lead me to this thread. I want to gain a better understanding of what this is so as to instruct our on-line pilots on what or how to handle this in the future. He stated that he did not know how to reply to the query when it appeared. I have incomplete information at this time, but can provide some information. The Supervisor was VATUSA9, time stamped [22:37:30} 11/17 and the controller's name is Mani. I will also be look
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