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  1. well...thank you guys for all those oppionions,since i have a hard time determing what to do with those...well thankfully the CAAC won't punish us for talking those, still thank you guys for all theses
  2. As far as I can tell, China has two separate Aeronautical Information Publications: a standard AIP that is shared internationally under ICAO protocols, and a national AIP (NAIP) that is treated as some kind of state secret. It seems to be used by the domestic carriers in China but is not allowed to be shared outside the country. It contains more detail, more domestic routes, and some military information. Yeah... its pretty correct
  3. Hi guys,im a VATPRC(China)S3 controller.Some days ago i met into a serious condition, two crew want to fly NAIP china routes, because China laws prohibited anyone getting NAIP, so VATPRC doesnt have sectors for NAIP's, neither approve their exist. So i deny their clearence request, then they just log off and log on after leave my airspace, but still using NAIP flying. One of my friend is S2 controller, he once faced two crews also using NAIP during an event, also deny them, but then they start arguing with my S2 friend, which make him really sad and rarely goes online since than.And we can
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