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  1. The problem with sarcasm and straw man arguments is that they make it very difficult to have a serious conversation. The "it's free so it doesn't matter", used like this, is just putting fingers in your ears and going LA LA LA LA LA. It's the go-to excuse that is heard every time something inconvenient or uncomfortable is brought up. If we want a network that goes forwards and improves, there has to be a culture of constant improvement. That includes identifying problems, being open for justified critique, admitting mistakes, learning from them and moving on. It's nothing personal. I d
  2. Matthew, VATSIM absolutely did drop the ball here. It's the swift developers who picked it up, and we're all very lucky that they were able to do that so quickly after the AFV rollout. You don't get to say that there was just a delay for Mac and Linux users in this case. A key feature of the entire network was dropped for these users and it happened by surprise, considering that VATSIM's NOTAMs failed to mention it. All the email said that the new codec will finally be released, and that a new client would take care of voice communications until the pilot clients catch up. No systems requi
  3. I didn't realize that this actually is a public alpha. There was some outdated information on the Swift site regarding what alpha versions are and who gets to use them on the network. That's where my confusion came from. Anyway, I'm happy, at least for now. Fingers crossed that there aren't too many bugs
  4. That's very nice! Although I don't think it's desirable that all Mac and Linux pilots apply for development/testing access to VATSIM, as is needed to use the Alpha version. Especially, if the reason for the request is to get a one-time ok for a specific version. But this does give hope that an approved beta will be out soon. I can imagine it's not desirable. But if it's all that works... (Shouldn't text-only with Swift work all the same as xSquawkbox without AFV?)
  5. I haven't updated to Catalina on my home machine yet, so I haven't tested this with XP11 and Swift. But based on my quick tests at work, I'd say this should work just fine. Swift is an application window just like any other, and the Sidecar display is a display just like any other. You should be able to drag Swift to the iPad screen. When you need to do something on that screen, just push the mouse pointer there. Vattastic, charts, etc. would also make sense on the iPad screen as well.
  6. Pretty much the same here. Got the email, got super excited. Read the docomeentation available, loved it. I didn't love the fact that I'd need a separate AFV client until Swift releases their upgrade, but decided I want to try it anyway. And then it turns out to be a frigging .msi file. "Door shut right in front of you" really captures the feeling. A huge disappointment. Maybe I could somewhat (not completely) understand the reasoning behind not supporting Macs (and Linux, obviously), but even then, this should definitely have been communicated better. And yes, AFV site says "However succe
  7. Happy fourth birthday, Swift project. I'm not sure of your exact birthday but from what I gather, it's not too far from now. Haven't heard from you in a long while, I hope you're doing well.
  8. Larry Wimble (the guy who made Vattastic) has released his VATDATA PHP cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] under the BSD license: http://www.geekmax.org/software/vatdata/
  9. Thanks for hearing me out. If you do decide to implement my suggestions, you can ask me for help. Well... if you really had managed to create a "complete" or "perfect" course right at the start of your training organization, you would have probably been the first in the world Creating and improving courses takes a long time, and every few years you may need to do a bigger overhaul of how you do things - and smaller improvements practically every year.
  10. Considering that instructors are volunteers and, apparently, there aren't enough of them, this doesn't sound like the best possible use of the instructor resources that you do have. Organize the course as a group learning environment, and have the students video their practice flights. The students can then provide feedback for each other. Peer learning, peer feedback and peer [Mod - Happy Thoughts]essment are very powerful tools in education. Same goes for the more theoretical parts of the course. The instructor can then provide more generalized feedback to the entire group, and has to spend
  11. Or even better, list some of the airports they cover in the info. The border between north and south is dubious, but saying "I cover southern parts of Finland incl. EFHK EFTP EFOU" is pretty clear that your sector goes all the way up to Oulu, but probably doesn't include Rovaniemi (EFRO). I've seen German controllers do this kind of thing in their info regularly, and it really helps.
  12. Thank you again, Andreas! This is quite true. This is very considerate and highly appreciated.
  13. Thanks for your reply, Andreas. I did kind of figure out that the charts on the Vatsim Germany site are drawn by the Vatsim Germany people, and it is a very valuable job. It's a very good idea that you have ground charts actually depicting typical sceneries. I was wondering what you consider to be a major change. If a SID route remains roughly the same, but the SID identifier changes, would this trigger an update? Because I think I encountered something like this in the past not so long ago. It was weird to find a procedure on the FMC which wasn't on the charts. I can't remember where
  14. I thought I'd fly to EDDF, but had to pick another destination since I couldn't find proper charts. I know of the Vatsim Germany site that does have a complete set of charts for the airport. Unfortunately, these charts are from 2014 and I can't quite believe that the procedures wouldn't have changed at EDDF in two years. Or that EDDT charts from 2010 would still be valid. So I tried my other method: googling "germany AIP". I think I found the official "AIS Portal" but even there couldn't find where the actual charts are. Am I missing something here, or is the only way to fly in Germany
  15. Ok, so you did a planned emergency. What about the more realistic emergencies caused by a system failure randomly triggered by the flight simulator, or pilot error (e.g. not loading enough fuel)? In such cases it would be weird to ask "is it ok if I have an emergency?" My understanding is that in those situations you can simply make your mayday call. If the controller doesn't want to handle it for whatever reason, they can then simply tell you to disconnect or "cheat" your way out of the emergency. (we're getting offtopic here)
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