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  1. I fly using xPilot across Europe and I sometimes find it difficult to know which controllers I should contact, particularly when sectors get split into sub-sectors. I use SimBrief for my flight planning, and this indicates on the OFP where I'm going into a new FIR, but it doesn't correspond to VATSIM sectors and sub sectors What is the best browser-based Vatsim map (I need browser-based as I will use it on an Android tablet rather than on my Sim PC), that offers: accurate boundaries for the control sectors and subsectors Up-to-date info on active controllers and other air
  2. Hello Grant, Not a solution I'm convinced by! On the advice of Jennifer at LR I've gone back to using OGL. This has had no issues flying online with either VATSIM/xPilot or IVAO/Altitude. I have dialled back my graphics settings a little and also rolled back my Nvidia drivers from 457.xx to 452.06. I'd love to get back to using Vulkan (with it's perfomance boost) but I reckon there is still a conflict with the how the CSL models are handled (I use X-CSL, not BB) so until the combined devs at LR and on the pilot clients have tracked it down I'm taking the safe option and not selec
  3. Thanks Justin. I'm on NV drivers 457.xxx and not having any apparent issues with that. I have explore the event viewer and its says that XP11 'hung' and was eventually closed by Windows after not responding. The defaulting module was ASXPconnect! I've checked and there is a new Beta release of ASXP so I might look at that. Meanwhile, do you have any advice about CSL choice? I use X-CSL for IVAO and up until your last xPilot release I have been pointing xPilot to a copy of that CSL folder which has been converted using the Python script. Can I now use the CSL folder without doing t
  4. Hello guys, I've just had my first weird XP11 'freeze' (not a CTD) since we left the 1150 beta test phase. I've flown over 200 hrs on the release version of XP11.50r3 roughly on an equal mix of IVAO, VATSIM and offline and this is the first issue I've had. The freeze happened on a busy night over Germany with plenty of aircraft in the vicinity. My log.txt is rammed with xPilot model-matching activity, right up to the moment XP11 fails. there are no error messages and it was not one of the known XP11 issues (vulkan device loss error etc). The one change I had made before thi
  5. Hello. I'm really enjoying xPilot and the new voice codec, but I wondered whether it is possible to install xPilot remotely, so the xPilot user interface appears on a second PC (well, tablet) and not on the main sim screen? A number of the other clients offer this functionality as it aids immersion. I can't find anything in the user guide about this. Is it not available at the current time?
  6. Thanks Arvid, I mainly fly the PMDG 737ng on FS9 so I'll explore the transitions in the FMC. Previously I've been vectoring myself asking tracks that I now see probably interfered with EGLC, for example. One of the things I enjoy most about online flying is that you never stop learning!
  7. I have a subscription to Navigraph Charts Cloud, which is generally excellent...but it doesn't have these charts! I'll just have to download them from NATS-AIS and have them to hand. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume I'm meant to fly these myself when EGLL is uncontrolled on VATSIM?
  8. Enjoyed arriving in London last night flying Skyways 194 up from Nice for Flyuk. Great service from London Control and Heathrow Director...thanks guys. As a relative newcomer, where can I find out more about the likely routes from the Star ends to the IAF? Last night we left BIG on hdg 280, then got a big right turn onto 070, then 090 before a left onto 360 then 330 to intercept the localiser for 27L. Are there regular tracks you use, or is it all down to traffic or noise abatement? John McP
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