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  1. Just a thought, but connect as send them each a private message asking how long they intend to stay on, then plan and fly from whichever is planning the longest? I routinely get asked the same or a similar question when controlling, and while it's never a definite answer it will give you an idea of how much longer the ATCo is prepared to spend online. After I read your post, I tried this this morning on a 120 miles flight in a 250 MPH Constellation. I sent the controller a text message asking if he was going to be on for awhile, and he said " YES". He had only signed on 10 minutes prior
  2. I have flown the A2A Lockheed Constellation many times on Vatsim. It has a GTN 650 installed which can do just about anything.
  3. On other forums, it seems that long flights are done many times, according to the pilots, by placing the aircraft on autopilot, and going to sleep or out to dinner, or to the movies, etc, etc. Probably the same thing is happening on Vatsim by some, hoping they won't get caught. . Whenever I step away from the computer, even for a few minutes, I ask ATC for permission. It isn't that difficult.
  4. Just a follow up on my question. I have kept t a record of my Vatsim flights the last few days. I only launched most of the daytime flights when the controller had been on duty, according to Accomeap, less than 20 minutes. Flight 1. Set flight up, filed FP, got clearance, taxied to active, controller signed off before I even took off. Flight 2 Set Flight up, FP, clearance, taxied, took off, flew 15 minutes controller signed off, without even a mention of sign off. Flight 3 this morning Asked controller if he was going to be on for awhile. He said " yes for awhile". Took of
  5. It seems that Vatsim could use more controllers and pilots in the US. Prior to starting with Vatsim for the second time ( first time was around a decade ago) that was my one concern, flying with no controllers anywhere. I bet there are pilots that frequently check who is online on Accomeap, Vattastic, etc, and when they finally see one in any area of the US, they probably begin setting up a flight in that area. After setting the flight up, when they see the controller log off 15 minutes later, it is not going to increase the popularity of Vatsim. Having a clear log off time somewhere that the
  6. A couple of times in the last few weeks, I have seen a controller that was on duty for a relatively short time maybe 20 minutes or so , in a center position, so I figure that is a safe move to fly in that controllers area. I set up a flight plan, start P3D, load the aircraft, and set it at the starting airport. Then start V pilot , send the flight plan, and contact the controller. This takes about 10 minutes at the most. I contact the center for an IFR clearance, am told to stand by, and in a minute or two am told that the controller has an amended clearance. I copy the new clearance down (
  7. Most of the really bad audio on Vatsim is due to pilots and controllers using cheap microphones, not positioning the mic correctly, and not seeing how horrible they sound before signing on Vatsim. Some pilots sound they are using a mic that is in another room or facing away from them. Laptop microphones are the worst for sound. Using a decent headset mic is the first step to understandable audio Here is a good video explaining how important it is to set up your headset mic correctly. I also think that one someone has really bad audio, others especially the controller should bring that to thei
  8. It's just common sense for anyone that flies, when contacting ATC, to tell them where you are and who you are. If that has to be explained to a pilot, that pilot shouldn't be in the air.
  9. I like the latest Accomeap. What I would like to see is a way for the controller to state how long they expect to be on duty. If I had a nickel for every time I started a flight, taxied out, took off, and then heard the controller state that they were signing off with no other controller in sight, I would be rich. If there was some way that the controller would have to state how long they expected to be on duty, many people on Vatsim would be thankful.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I fly GA aircraft almost exclusively now. In the US, I very rarely use Sids and stars, usually getting vectors to final approach. Is it a requirement in Europe to use Sids and Stars on every IFR flightplan, especially out of smaller airports?
  11. I am wondering how difficult it is to fly on Vatsim for someone that has flown mostly in the US system. I know the transistion altitudes are different, but are there any other problems that I could run into. Thinking of flying in Belgium ( been there many times in real life) , UK, France and possibly Norway.
  12. The flight model in the default 737 in XP is pretty bad compared to the PMDG 737.
  13. Great to hear it's working for you now! In regards to the previous answer, no there shouldn't be 3 processes running in the background, it's just something that happens occasionally. In my install of the latest version this happens every time. In fact I just opened it now and 3 exe's are running for Accomeap. I suspect that is why the installer would not work, because it kept saying that it could not update because the files were in use. Apparently it shut down one of them, but the other two running kept the update from running. When I went into Task Manager/Process and shut all the acc
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