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  1. Yeah, that sounds good. It should also be put on the main website so people can review it, if they feel the need.
  2. I think that offering basic training (at least) which all pilots must take before being allowed to talk on the UNICOM frequency. This training should include information about how to structure the broadcasts and how to listen out for other's broadcasts. This could be done with a simple powerpoint or Moodle online. A test may or may not be required, depending on how the training is given, to allow the pilots to have at least a basic knowledge of how the UNICOM system actually works. e.g. When and when not to use it, what frequency to use for major airports, etc. Of course, this is my
  3. Great idea! One question: How do you propose that his frequency will be used for its intended purpose, and not be abused by trolls like many frequencies are now? Will you provide training for pilots who do not know how to use UNICOM, especially a voice UNICOM? I think this is a great idea, but these hurdles should be accomplished first, in my opinion.
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