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  1. Turn on vPilot 2.4 and press connect, it connects but then throws up an angry red error message. [15:19:26.019] Command submitted: ConnectToNetworkCommand [15:19:26.025] Connecting to network... [15:19:26.232] Connected to network. [15:19:26.765] Error connecting to voice server: Connect failed (Unauthorized - {"type":"https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7235#section-3.1","title":"Unauthorized","status":401,"traceId":"|7aabb96f-45f9b45deb5526a9."}) I can send/receive texts messages but there is no audio on frequency. Have changed servers from my usualy SYD-1 to all the others an
  2. Solved: Go to APP SETTINGS in Windows 10, enable microphone. That was a fun one to fix. Perhaps vPilot could be built to be less dependent on the ole microphone?
  3. Installed vPilot 2.4 via automatic update. Ran vPilot, came up with error opening waveInOpen. You can still use vPilot for send/receive text but no audio and no user generated ATIS. Have installed the Xplane version of vPilot and get the same error. Suggesting something my end. Have done the usual updating of drivers and configuring things but still no audio. Previous vPilot versions worked fine.
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