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  1. Yes that's exactly what I'm looking for, although I really don't mind landing at another airport if need be. The type of flights I do most consist of departing Area51 climbing up to round 40,000FT and then doing some racetrack type patterns within the range and then landing. I can connect Plan-G with vatsim which allows me to see other aircraft in the area so I can steer clear of them. Also, I haven't seen any rules regarding supersonic operations, but I would imagine there are restrictions on that.
  2. Just want to say I appreciate the help, but I don't think any of those airports are inside the actual NTTR airspace but might be within some of the MOA's surrounding it. However, from what I understand of the rules you have to be certified by a VSO before you allowed to fly within any special use airspace but don't know if that includes the R-2508 airspace although it probably does. Also, I don't mind landing at a different airport I took off from but don't necessarily want to just do a direct flight. I don't know if most controllers would have a problem If I were to do some racetrack type pa
  3. Good to know, thanks. However, when I created this post I didn't realize it would be that complicated to do that flight. I joined a VSO and passed the initial test however from what I understand you still have to complete so many hours of training before you are allowed to do that type of flying. I understand the reasons, but it doesn't seem worth it since I don't have a lot of time and most of my flights would just be taking it up for a quick spin around the range.
  4. So I'm new to Vatsim but have a basic understanding of the rules and such. For the time being I would like to just do some flights in the F-18 around the NTTR and Area 51 staying inside the restricted airspace. My question for the controllers is how detailed are your maps and does it show stuff like restricted airspaces and such? That way I can easily let the controller know I plan to stay inside that airspace, and he will know where I am talking about. And yes I made sure to register with a VSO organization as I know that is a requirement to use restricted airspace. Thanks
  5. Hello, so I want to get back to flying on Vatsim after being away for awhile. I just downloaded Vpilot again but am having trouble getting everything configured. The issue I am having is that I can't select a default model for FSX since I uninstalled it after switching to P3Dv4. When I try to save my setting it gives me an error saying it didn't find the model during the last scan. Is there anyway to get around this since I no longer have it installed. Thanks
  6. Thanks again was able to stay connected without any problems and have been able to complete 2 flights already.
  7. I have net framework 3.5 I am i'm going to try downloading Sp1
  8. Wow thanks for the quick reply. No fsx does not seem crash.
  9. Hello when I try to connect to VATSIM through Vpilot I get an unhandled exception error. Sometimes it happens right when I connect other times it happens a few mins afterwards. I can see other planes so it does connect but I can't stay connected because the on;y way to get rid of the error is to close Vpilot. If I click continue the error pops right back up. I tried re-installing net framework and I'm running Win Xp. Here are the error details. Thanks. See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. **************
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