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  1. Greetings guys, I wasn't sure where to post this as although I've noticed this issue when using the xPilot app, I suspect it actually applies to the network as a whole, so I thought "General" might be more appropriate than in the xPilot section. The issue I noticed is that there is an error within the parameters for allowable SELCAL codes on xPilot and the reason I suspect this applies everywhere is because the same error appears in the way the limitations are described on Wikipedia and also within some ICAO documents, so it's not surprising this error will have been copied down to V
  2. Hi Justin, Well, I have to put my hand up and admit this one was on me. After a series of crashes this afternoon on subver 36, more troubleshooting revealed that AviTab was indeed the problem. Although I had updated last week to version 0.4.6 its logs were still referring to 0.4.5, so something hadn't taken from the update, so completely redownloaded deleted and reinstalled AviTab 0.4.6, then went ahead and updated xPilot to subver 37 and so far so good, a couple of hours of stable operation, during a time where VATSIM has been completely maxed out, so all seems good. I'll let you kn
  3. I’m sorry Justin, we seem to have got off on the wrong foot. I don’t need support, I just wanted to offer the factual information that the crashes are persistent as a contribution to your development work. For the time being I reverted to 1.3.36 which works fine so I’m happy with that. Avitab is latest. If I have space in my schedule this coming week I will try to reupgrade to 37 and engineer some crash reports, if that is useful. If its a hindrance though I’m happy just hang back until a later version comes out that works. Keep up the excellent work!
  4. I've been getting the CTD issues from time to time, some versions of xPIlot have been better than others. 1.3.36 in fact was the best version I've had on my system since the problem started, I hadn't had a single crash while that was installed. 1.3.37 on the other hand (which ironically packaged with the comment that it was built to reduce crashes) hasn't run once without crashing. System is stable until I connect to VATSIM, then in some cases it crashes straight away and in other cases it lasts maybe half an hour, but that was the longest it ran so far. Sorry I didn't keep any of t
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