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  1. I react mostly to your "So there was no violation of the IVAO MTL terms of use, by me, or by anyone from VATSIM staff acting in any official capacity." I consider divisional staff to be representative of VATSIM - VATSIM staff. They do not say that IVAO MTL is required for vPilot, but recommend it as good solution and providing help with installing it for use with vPilot. Division training director pointing to a URL which is Czech file sharing server known as "warez server" and instruct to search term: "IVAO MTL" which find some full IVAO MTL archive. So if I understand this casue
  2. I dissagree with it. At Czech division VATSIM forum is new published guide how to instal IVAO MTL into vPilot. This guide is provided by Czech division training director and he recommend this solution and helping pilots to install it if they have some problem... He and member of Czech IT support says that is no problem... I think that both are official VATSIM staff.
  3. Boxed FSX is not officially supported. Same for FSX:SE but DTG examines whether there is a compatibility problem, and if so, will it solve.
  4. Low frame rate is propably due to high AntiAliasing with mediocore GPU. Wit P3Dv2 you will have lower FPS with same setting. It is more GPU intensive than FSX... I was run FSX with MSI GTX970 Gaming with 8xSGSSAA (combined 8xMSAA and 24xSSAA in DX10 settings - 32xDX10 AA) everything set to maximum including light bloom and scenery ground shadows on. All 30FPS locked with not intensive aircraft and not heavy populated urban areas in any weather condition. Now I have MSI GTX980 Gaming edition and with P3Dv2 I can't set this value of AA with heavy clouds and for fight shimmering I h
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