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  1. I never mentioned anything about having transmissions stepped on. That's an unavoidable problem experienced in the real world to the frustration of many. Just because you don't encounter these problems does not mean that others do not. Surely if a new voice codec is one of the leading changes people wish to be implemented (there are 37 results for "voice codec" in this thread as of today), there must be a problem with the existing one. If you could inform me how to "setup me computer the right way," so that the compression and decompression of audio over the network isn't horrific, I'll b
  2. Wondering why VATISM has been so lethargic as to allow a problem that has been literally driving people off the network exist for so long, and why there's no information available for potential implementation for such a colossal issue the network is facing. I'll believe it when my audio through my pilot client sounds like this.
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