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  1. Come join us for yet another crossfire in the heart of the Americas! This time featuring San Jose (MROC) and Panama (MPTO), you can expect both airports and everything in between to be fully staffed with some quality ATC and an evening full of fun! Prefered routes: MPTO-MROC: SIMAN1B SIMAN BUFEO CUARE1B MROC-MPTO: TEJAR3I ISEBA G440 PUDOS VUMAN VUMAN1A Charts: https://cocesna.org/home/aim/
  2. Panama Control during our Panama-Bogota Crossfire! https://imgur.com/a/RfDn6A9
  3. Hey! No I tried, but when I do it just removes the fix as a whole.
  4. Hi all! Hope everyone's doing well! So, I'm the FE for my division, and about 7 months ago I undertook a project where I would set up all configurations for both sectorfiles (my division administers two different FIRs), this included colors, tags, everything to get it to look and behave as close to the real things as possible. I'm glad to say I'm pretty much done but I'm just missing some very minor details and I was wondering if anybody could help me out/set me in the right direction, so here are my questions: 1st: is there any way I could [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a specific set of f
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