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  1. Jup, exactly this, it's good to see there's extensive discussion on multiple topics. Will there be a reply from the folks that have written it on each point that has been raised?
  2. The consolidated sectors can be, and already are in some cases, defined in the firboundaries. EDGG in the case EDGG_P and EDGG_E are combined, or LFEE when _S and _N are combined, all as separate sectors. OBBB is another good example. Further splits are used on vatsim, but the vacc's here compromised to show the 2 splits most used by their controllers and most important to know for a pilot. Really digging in to the specific sector ownership under all different possible scenarios would of course be awesome, but i think impossible without having some sort of API for it on the vatsim side, which
  3. Nice incentive for the FIR's to add their subsectors to the Vatspy data right 🙂. But joking aside, it would already improve the situation for the folks that have added their subsectors to the data, and for those who haven't yet, there's no change vs what Vatspy does now.
  4. Hey Ross as posted in the other thread, i think the majority of these issues can be dealt with by keeping your current system in place, but before applying the current logic, see if there is an exact match up to the second dash in the vatspy data. Example, someone logs in as EDGG_X_CTR: not found in the vatspy data, light up EDGG as is done now. someone logs in as BOS_1_CTR: not found in the vatspy data, light up BOS as is done now. Someone logs in as EDGG_P_CTR: found in the vatspy data, that specific sector is shown. or the student mentor example, same thing applies: logg
  5. Hey Ross, a lot of them are already included, Langen (Germany) is a good example. Both subsectors EDGG-E and EDGG-P are in the data, but vatspy does not look at anything that comes after EDGG, so when either EDGG_E_CTR or EDGG_P_CTR is online, only the overlayed sector EDGG is highlighted. A good solution might be: first check if there is an exact match for a callsign in the firboundaries + vatspy.dat, if not: use the old method to determine what sector should be highlighted.
  6. friendly bump Jup, exactly the same problem here, crashes on exit, in my case even without trying to move the items up or down. Just did a fresh install of ES to make sure nothing was wrong with my installation and installed the vc_redist as described in the changelogs. Hope this can be looked at 🙂 EuroScope VATSIM Radar Client v3.2a(r24) plugins loaded: 5 Niels.
  7. Hey all, I've been searching through the docomeentation to find this, but so far no luck. Would like to set my GIS tool to the correct projection for display in euroscope so my shapes aren't warped when i'm editing them. What projection does euroscope use? EPSG:4326? Thanks.
  8. Brilliant Claus! great to have the plugin back on AFV Niels.
  9. this might be a stupid question/feature request, but is there/could there be a feature to display a jpg or png as background behind a radar screen? especially when dealing with vfr traffic it would be really usefull to have a "toggleable" background vfr chart under a hotkey. what is the opinion on something like this?
  10. Hey Ross, thanks for the information, anxiously waiting until the feature is re-implemented. If you come to a solution with the ES devs, would this then become a docomeented feature? would be great if you could keep us up to date on the progress, if there is any. Cheers! and keep up the great work so far!
  11. would it be possible to return the localproxy option while we are waiting for the ES devs? (my experience is that they keep you waiting) + i've used towerview for quite a while at eham. never had problems with it, why did you remove this feature, without having a working replacement? or maybe there is one and i didn't look well enough, correct me if i'm wrong.
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