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  1. The easiest solution is probably similar to what Australia does now, in that they don't show consolidated sectors. If one center sector is covering another (as is common practice) they just have a note in the controller info that says what other sectors they are controlling. The obvious downside there is that now you have airspace being controlled, but looks on vatspy like it is uncontrolled. I suppose that you could highlight adjacent sectors based on the controller info line (eg have a line in BOS_S_CTR's info that states "also covering BOS_N_CTR"), but now we are getting into rather ma
  2. Okay, that's fair. I was thinking to do what I said as a fall back, but if you are going down that route, you are right, might as well just add every possible callsign. My thinking was that it is most important to show that a given area is covered, and the second priority would be to show which sub-sector is being covered in particular. Because I figure regardless of what you plan for, someone is probably going to connect as an unrecognised sub sector. But I agree that what you said would probably be a better idea in the long run
  3. Would it be possible to light up a sub sector if it is known, otherwise just show the entire sector? So as an example, NY_CTR connects, and shows all of ZNY. NY_W_CTR connects, and shows as covering just the west side. then NY_W1_CTR connects, but because you don't recognize it, it shows up over all of ZNY. I think that could work, even though it won't always be totally accurate, it should always be at least somewhat accurate
  4. Hi Erwin, Sorry to hear that AFV isn't working for you. Just a couple of sanity check questions real quick. In the Audio for Vatsim standalone client, are you sure you have correctly configured the output device and volume (I only ask this because you updated it and there is the off chance your settings were wiped). Also, if you are on a busy frequency, do you see the RX light light up on the standalone client? If you don't I have no idea what to do, but at least we would have a starting point. (Also re: vPilot. I know there is something to be said about getting used to a program and not
  5. Hi Yuval, To me it seems that you don't have the new standalone client installed, which is required to use the new audio system with xSquawkbox. Just to be sure, if you visit the Audio for Vatsim resource center vats.im/audio and click "Update my client". You should then see a list of different programs used to connect to vatsim. If you select "xSquawkbox", you should then see the steps required in order to successfully install the new updates. Note: for the time being, this does mean that you will need to run the "AudioForVatsim" program separately every time you wish to connect to the netwo
  6. Since audio for vatsim released, I've been experiencing a problem where after 30 minues to a few hours of being connected to the network, vPilot seems to stop registering my microphone. If I try to restart vPilot, it no longer produces any sound either. Strangely, another symptom that manifests at the same time is if I try to open my playback devices tab of the sound settings of my computer and try to "test" the playback of my headphones, I only hear about a half second beep before that stops as well. This seems to me like some sound related driver or process is crashing in the background of m
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