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  1. Gee, Ross, what took you so long to respond 🙂 Figured it was something like this; looked for the config file in the program directory; forgot that it might be in app data. Many thanks, and thanks for keeping this utility up to date, I use it every time I fly.
  2. Last time I ran VS it was with 3 monitors (extended desktop mode) with VS displayed on the left (as in left-center-right) monitor. I have switched to 1 monitor but when I run VS it will only appear on the monitor with the VS window in Full-Screen mode. In windowed mode it is not visible. I have tried all the methods of forcing a window to appear on the desktop but VS is stubborn and refuses to be accessible using these methods. I have uninstalled/reinstalled; no change. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Further to my post above, I too transferred the A/C files, addon.xml and vmr files (P3D installation) and now I can see other A/C in there proper livery. Never have been able to determine if the scenery/texture files I mentioned are necessary. To answer your question about verification, I would suggest connecting to VATSIM and locating your A/C next to another VATSIM user and contacting them on vPilot and asking what livery they see on your A/C.
  4. Greetings, While I hope that FLAi will be revived, I am currently transferring/reinstalling my flight sim software (P3DV4 and P3DV5) to a new computer. There is obviously no way to reinstall FLAi under the current circumstances, but all of the necessary files exist on my old computer. The question is, where are they? I have found the vmr file, the addon.xml file, and the simobject airplane folders (cleverly named FLAi_??? :-)). However, the manual installation instructions (downloaded some time ago from BVARTCC) indicate that FLAi also installs files in the sim EFFECTS and TEXTURES f
  5. Many thanks to VATPRC\VATKOR\VATUSA\VATJPN. Excellent event from beginning to end. Looking forward to the next one! DAL3937
  6. Awsome. Lottery was a good idea. Would be nice to know what percent of those entering the lottery received slots. EXCELLENT event updates. A little sooner would help. Not complaining. Seems like the new oceanic system/tech worked well and the traffic flow was smoother, at least along KATL-EDDH. KATL and Oceanic worked hard on spacing and were very helpful to the bewildered (of which there were a few 🙂 ). This is CTP 5 or 6 for me. Best ever! Can't wait for the next one. Not a fan of Discord but I must say all the event communication event channels (even Discord) worked
  7. Do the non-event tracks use CTP event airports, or do we choose our own? Thank you
  8. If I don't have a booking, where do I get information about the "non-event track"? Thank you
  9. Will there be airport briefs for CYHX and LEBB?
  10. Ryan, Thank you for responding to my post, and thank you for all your effort. You wrote The booking system this year is entirely new, so hopefully these issues don't occur. This is good to hear, but I am still of the opinion that there should be a guide to how to use the new site before having to do it in the heat of battle, so to speak. Thanks again.
  11. Gunnar, Thanks for all your contributions to VATSIM and this event. I have requested this before and never received a reply. Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more... Could you please publish a briefing guide for how to use the booking page? I'm tired of flailing about trying to figure out where to click for the departure/arrival airports and times I'd like as the slots rapidly disappear. Very frustrating. If you need help putting this together, I'd gladly offer my [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance. Thank you.
  12. CTP Organizers, I have made this request before and have received no response. Please publish a briefing guide about what to expect at the booking website. Each time I go through the process I waste time trying to relearn how to complete the booking. If you don't have time to do this (which I can understand), contact me and I will gladly prepare the guide if you provide me with the info. Don't know if this is the right place to post this; please let me know if there is a more appropriate location. Thanks for all your effort. Eric Dziura
  13. My bad. Didn't know that. Thanks for the response.
  14. Would love to be able to select and copy text (such as ATIS info or text departure clearance) from a message window to the Windows Clipboard for further use. Thanks
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