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  1. Get rid of the Board's idea of "We want this to be an accessible learning environment". The interpretation of the idea is broken! Accessibiliy =/= Quality These concerns and suggestions are the same since forever and then after a few rounds of discussion by the board it always boils down to "We want this to be an accessible learning environment", so no pilot training required, no strict quality control impletemented. "We simply can't do that folks, we this to be accessible" Dear VATSIM Board, strict is good, don't look at it as something that will degrade accessibilty. Unbounded op
  2. SUGGESTION: After the recent Connexion, it's been made clear the the VATSIM board is not in favor of mandatory pilot training as it would be a barrier of entry to vatsim. Now, CTAF is not an element of entry to vatsim, rather, it is a tool within the system, can we implement a rating/training/certification based usage for the CTAF instead? by that I mean, in order to use voice on UNICOM/CTAF, your pilot ID must have p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed basic pilot training. I doubt people who are serious about using CTAF would mind p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing a short basic training course. I und
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