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  1. Just find the solution: copy the FLAI directory from P3DV4 Addon to the P3DV5 one. And it works
  2. Hello I use VPILOT (last version) with FLAI (from Boston) I load the défault custom rule in the vpilot Files folder: FLAI_Model_matching.vmr. But when I try to rescan the model in te P3Dv5 menu nothings appears (it goes up and disapear) In the Advanced tab I have only SimObjects\Airplanes (117 model) recognised, noothing else ! My FLAI folder is in directory D. D:\FLAI, my P3D is in F:. It works perfectly with P3DV4 (I have the both installed) If I put the FLAi folder in the P3DV5\Simobjects same problem.. Windows 10
  3. Hello I am looking for a web site or iPad App to be able to know the ATIS on the Airport before I log on the network: it is easier to prepare the flight with simbrief. Unfortunaly I didn't find any ! not in internet (vatspy for exemple) and not in an iPad : I try severals apps (vatnet,etc) or internet webpage and there is no atis or it is empty. Is it because some atis are voice only ?
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