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  1. We also do PDC over here, just not via PM. We use Hoppie CPDLC, either through TopSky or the vSMR plugin. That way pilots get their PDC in the cockpit instead of vPilot. And only if they request it. However, I understand why the US on VATSIM does it via PM, it does save time to just write .clr or similar and hit enter instead of having to say it all on frequency. And during busy times I'm sure it can be a life-saver. I personally don't like it too much though. But anyway, that's off-topic. 😛
  2. But same could be said for much else. We might as well send pilots still 500 miles from their top of descent a private message telling them their STAR, and whenever they're ready they'll read it back. They're still so far away from where it's needed that they don't necessarily have to read it back immediately. I don't fly much in the US, but the few times I did and received "PDC" I did not like it. If I want to receive instructions via text message I'll file /t. If I'm /v I expect things to happen via voice, unless I request otherwise.
  3. Not sure if it's common elsewhere, or if it's a rare occurrence, however there are some airports with standard missed approach procedures for the visual approaches. Lisbon and Porto come to mind. Lisbon's visual approach chart: https://charts.portugal-vacc.org/files/LP_AD_2_LPPT_13-3_en.pdf , and Porto's visual approach chart: https://charts.portugal-vacc.org/files/LP_AD_2_LPPR_13-1_en.pdf .
  4. Controllers should take it into account. Fly the heading ATC assigns, should be fine, no need to make any compensations. Otherwise you risk ATC taking the winds into account and you end up flying somewhere else. 😛
  5. I would say that depends on how busy the airspace is, and if there is more then one approach position online. If there is a lot going on, I usually send missed approaches to the standard missed at first, so I have a minute to work out a plan and resequence them. If there is more then one approach controller online (and I am on Final for example) I do the same thing, standard missed procedure, so there's time to coordinate. However, if I am the only Approach position online, and the airspace isn't too busy, I usually vector aircraft directly for another approach (unless they request some d
  6. "YR77, cleared visual approach runway 13R" "Unable, we are too high, request vectors for another approach"
  7. 1 knot is equivalent to 1 nautical mile per hour. Meaning, if you're flying at 500 knots (groundspeed) you will be travelling 500 nautical miles in an hour. Knowing this the calculation becomes fairly straightforward. Let's say you are 300 miles away from your next waypoint, flying at 460 knots groundspeed. 300/460~=0,65 hours. Multiply it by 60 minutes in an hour, and you get 39 minutes. This means you'll arrive at the waypoint in 39 minutes. Add 39 to current time, and you get your ETA.
  8. I am not saying PDCs are unrealistic. I am saying throwing them out to everyone via private message is. I've had it happen a few times already that I've connected at an airport, filed my flight plan, and within a minute vPilot beeps with a private message from XXXX_DEL giving me my clearance, all whilst my aircraft is still cold & dark. What is that _DEL controller if not a /t ATC? His job is issuing clearances, and he issues them all via text. There are appropriate ways to request PDCs, and to issue PDCs. Doing it via text message to everyone is - from an outside point of view -
  9. Honestly I can't see a big difference. In my view the concept is the same. There are ways to send a PDC other then a private message. A delivery controller choosing to send them via private message does so because he it unable to use the appropriate tools (or doesn't have tools for his controller client), or because he believes it's easier then giving out all clearances on frequency via voice. Unless there's a third reason I am missing for clearances being sent via private message (without the pilot requesting it). A pilot being text only is so because he either is unable to communic
  10. Plenty pilots start out as /t only, and move on to /r and /v after some time. I can't be sure, but it is certainly possible that a few of those wouldn't have given the network a try if /t wasn't available to them. I personally don't enjoy it too much either if many pilots are /t, as it does make things a bit more difficult, but that's just how it is. I'd rather have them be /t then not be connected at all. By the way, if we want to stop pilots being /t, then let's also make sure controllers don't just send a clearance via private message to pilots who haven't requested a PDC (can a p
  11. I wouldn't worry too much about it Kevin. Mistakes happen, and they happen to all of us, regardless of experience. If the controllers reaction to a new pilots mistake was such that it might lead you to quitting the network then he should absolutely need some talking to, as that is not how things are supposed to work. I would definitely recommend sending feedback directly to vatsim UK: https://www.vatsim.uk/mship/feedback/new That aside, you did everything right. You started small, began at a smaller airfield, and are interested in learning how to improve. It would be a pity if an ex
  12. This would be interesting. Would definitely help, seeing as local controllers seem to be non-existent, or at least very inactive. It has happened before that non-Dakar/Sal controllers staffed those airspaces. Last event passing through that area (Bridge to South America) we received permission for Sal to be covered by Portuguese Oceanic controllers, whilst Dakar would be controlled by Brazilian Oceanic controllers. However, whilst saying "All Oceanic controllers in Gander/Shanwick/Santa Maria/Atlântico may control Dakar/Sal during events" would be great, some kind of previous train
  13. Atlântico was staffed, not sure if the entire time, but they were definitely online at some point. However Dakar and Sal unfortunately were a no show. As far as I know they were asked for staffing several weeks ago. There is not much that can be done if they either forget or have no controllers available. Unfortunately every event overflying another countries airspace carries some unicom risk, as neither the departure nor the arrival countries can be certain all enroute sectors will be covered. Especially since events are sometimes planned months in advance. I would assume very few
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