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  1. Good luck Krystian, looking forward to work/control with you in the future. 🇵🇱
  2. My first "developing" setup with TopSky on Warszawa (with detaile tags that are used on APP irl) Shortly after decided to use real ACC tags which looks cleaner: Controlling one of the smallest sector -> West Warszawa Radar
  3. We try to simulate reality. In real life there is no PDC capability in Poland, pilots are required to contact approporiate clearance/delivery station via VHF. In reality following are provided above FL285 to FL660 - DLIC (data link initiation capability); - ACL (ATC clearances and instructions); - ACM (ATC communications management); - AMC (ATC microphone check).
  4. Please keep in mind if you are flying within Warszawa FIR (EPWW): CPDLC is available ONLY above FL285 - we do not provide PDC nor CPDLC service below this FL. When you are arriving to any airport in Poland and use CPDLC -> after passing FL285 you will be asked via CPDLC to revert to voice communications and establish contact via VHF. If not only one controller will be logged on _CTR position - you might be asked to monitor/contact other frequency when flying over. Please note that not all of Polish VACC controllers use CPDLC - always be sure to check controller info.
  5. ^ This guide is specifically for macOS. The only difference is the way you install wine & winetricks. To this - use your distro package manager (aptitude, snap, pacman etc etc..) The rest is the same. Use playonlinux to only install AFV stanalone. Use wine cmd to run AFV standalone "Audio for Vatsim crashed." It most likely means some .net is not installed. Run winetricks dotnet472 inside wineprefix. Please run WINEPREFIX= ~/.wine/afv winetricks list-installed and let me know what is the output of that. The output should look like this: PS. I'd love to get those log fi
  6. First things first - tell me how do you run your controlling client (playonmac, clear wine, wineskin)
  7. I think I should change my font. But well, here you go - LIRR_N_CTR shooting some ground of Rome Fiumicino
  8. Wineskin does the job just fine. No problems at all on my hackintosh running latest macOS Sierra 10.12.5 However there is a small issue with scrolling, you just have to scroll carefully because you will end up with radar screen zoomed out max or zoomed in max. Here for proof Italy Radar: http://imgur.com/a/eTU8U
  9. I would like just to advise that I will be also online as Fiumicino ground [LIRF_GND] every tuesday from 19Z to 20Z.
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