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  1. AGAIN I am getting bot server failures... this time for KJFK. Down for almost a week now. Is it an issue with internet service providers?
  2. Same here tonight with euroscope. Gave up after several attempts.
  3. I have mentioned this error in the vAtis thread , and was told to mention it here. However after uninstalling, and reinstalling the new version of vAtis I still get this error when I try to transmit: https://prnt.sc/q5at33 Two other controllers (for NY_CAM_APP) reported no problems but when I chatted with BOS_CTR earlier he said he had the same issue (along with other controllers) and gave up after numeral attempts. Currently running windows 7 pro.
  4. Getting a bot server failure currently....http://prntscr.com/q5at33
  5. Thanks... I'll try that and see what happens
  6. btw I have version 2.0.6204.29457 update.... I reinstalled the software and no joy. The software will not auto update the information code [ "ATIS information (letter)"]. The weather and wind information will update.
  7. Just updated vAtis to the latest release yesterday and it has not been auto updating. Anyone else having this same issue? ... and yes auto update is selected! In the meantime I am going to uninstall then re-install the software to see if that fixes the problem.
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