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  1. UPDATE: I attempted a connect with my firewall off and it would appear to have worked. Thanks for your help.
  2. sorry for the bad attempt to explain this. Here is a screenshot of the text im on about; https://scr.hu/ZLJGaP Compared to what i am getting; https://scr.hu/G9BoA9 I hope this helps you understand. (yes i have tried every server) Thanks
  3. I'm not sure if this topic is already a thing (apologies if so) however i've had a problem with vpilot for about a week now, whenever i click connect i get the usual 'connected to network' in yellow text but no blue text after, subsequently, i cannot speak to ATC, see other aircraft or see myself on the network. I have already re-installed multiple versions of the software and also tried the debug and nothing has worked so far. If anyone has a fix that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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