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  1. All, Whenever I try to change my PTT button in AFV, It crashes. I reinstalled it and then I was able to change the PTT button and talk on frequency. However, after changing positions and restarting my AFV, it did not recognize my button, and it kept crashing when I tried to change the button. We have tried turning off my file system protection, and changing the button in the actual xml file. But after restarting AFV, it still does not recognize my button. These are the details of the crash that is in the Control Panel. Any suggestions? Thanks, Nick Gilbert
  2. During Saturday's most recent event, I got disconnected from voice at least 10 times. Today controlling i got disconnected about 10 times as well, although the light was red like I was talking. It has been happening with teamspeak as well. I decided to uninstall AFV and try to reinstall it; however, when reinstalling it, it says that there are still files of AFV installed still. I cleaned out my c drive of all AFV material so I am not sure why it is saying this. Not really sure what to do now hahaha. Thanks for the great audio!
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