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  1. As far as I am aware there will be no Pilot Instructor rating under the new system. Pilot Instructors on the network are volunteers for Authorised Training Organisatons (ATOs) and as I recall there will be no associated network rating. Cheers,
  2. Working here too. Thanks for reporting it though. Perhaps vats.im went down briefly?
  3. Welcome to Oceanic Online! Control services EVERY (and we mean EVERY) Saturday starting at 2000z and finishing at 2359z. Experience the best view of the ocean whilst our controllers provide you with top notch ATC service over the North Atlantic. Whether you are a first-time pilot or a veteran of the skies, welcome to this week's Oceanic Online! Visit us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ganderocavatsim Twitter: https://twitter.com/ganderocavatsim Website: https://ganderoceanic.com/ Pilot tools: vats.im/czqotools More Event Details: https://ganderoceanic.com/events/oceanic-online-2020-06-09
  4. Removing my developer hat and replacing it with my consumer hat, transparency in some areas is lacking. It's less than pleasing when a change is made without notice, and whilst sometimes they seem minor enough to the developer, to the consumer they may mean a bit more than that. A clear announcement describing the change and when it'll occur would go a long way. It's a win/win for everyone, the consumer is happy (at least most of the time 😛) with the transparency and the developer isn't being hounded 🙂. The network status page is a step in the right direction, perhaps it could be complimented with a changelog page? Explaining something as simple as this would have been very appropriate before the change, rather than after the fact.
  5. Perhaps this topic might be of interest to you? Not sure if it is a chore to change the VRC default sounds, but you can certainly give it a go (I'm guessing you may need to change some of the soundfile names for VRC to be able to pick them up). Cheers,
  6. Wonderful! I'll be sure to be there for another fantastic FNO! See you there.
  7. Of course, the sky is your limit 🙂.
  8. In some parts of the world, controllers will advise the pilot he has a 'STAR clearance available, advise when ready to copy'. In my opinion this is a nice touch as it gives reasonable reassurance that the pilot copied everything down accurately because they were ready to listen.
  9. It makes me wonder how often CTAF frequencies in the real world are used in such a way...
  10. A very reasonable question! I'll be one of the first to agree with you when you say it isn't entirely obvious how to get started. As you have pointed out, VATSIM is very worldwide, and very compartmentalised in terms of ATC training, making the whole process a little mind-numbing to understand at first. So, allow me to do my best to (hopefully!) resolve your frustrations. VATSIM is arranged in Regions. Within each Region, there are a number of Divisions, and in turn, within many Divisions are a number of smaller 'sub-divisions'. Depending on which division you look at, these may go by various names other than 'sub-division', 'vARTCC', 'FIR', 'vACC' and 'facility' being the main ones off the top of my head. The nature of VATSIM's compartmentalisation means that websites for these different bodies are scattered around the internet. VATSIM is not directly responsible for the maintenence of sub-division resources, training, events and the like. Therefore, each sub-division/division is responsible for their own ATC training, and it is up to them to implement the relevant VATSIM policies that act as a standard for ATC training. So depending on where you go for your training, the process may be slightly different. To my knowledge, VATSIM does not maintain an updated list of websites, training directions, and resources for the various different regions, divisions and subdivisions. You have expressed interest in joining the New York ARTCC. This is a sub division within the VATUSA division, which in turn is a member of the North America region (which you seem to have already successfully joined). From here, to begin your training as a New York ARTCC controller, you can head to the website for VATUSA (https://www.vatusa.net/), click 'log in' and proceed with your VATSIM credentials (they will be your certificate number, and password you received in your registration email, my certificate number for example is 1336925). After logging in, you will be able to take the initial 'S1' exam (this is the first basic ATC rating on the network). Details are on this page https://www.vatusa.net/info/join under the heading 'How do I become a controller in VATUSA'. Further instructions are there. If once you have completed the exam, followed the directions on that page and you have received no word from the NYARTCC then I am sure you could send an email to their Training Administrator. Email addresses are located under Controllers->Roster->Staff Roster on the NYARTCC website. If you still need help, feel free to come back here! To briefly touch on your question about observing, the short answer is you need to download an ATC client. Different facilities use different approved software for different reasons, so once you begin with NYARTCC, they will be able to help you out with that. Hope this was helpful. Cheers,
  11. Hi Robbie! I am very sorry to hear that this has happened to you 😞. I echo everything that has been mentioned in this thread. Supervisors can actually (as far as I am aware?) see who is transmitting on any particular frequency. So even if you can't work it out, a .wallop might solve all your issues by catching the guy giving you trouble 🙂. Cheers,
  12. ...any more info than that? 😉 Which pilot client were you using? Which simulator do you run? What things have you tried to fix the problem? Did you get any error messages?
  13. Perhaps you've already solved your problem, but here's an alternate suggestion. By using the vatsimphp module (this may be updated in the future to be less ancient 😉) you can get all controllers, then narrow down by callsign to scan a geographical area (can do the same with pilots and departure/destination airports): // Load VATSIM data $vatsim = new \Vatsimphp\VatsimData(); $vatsim->loadData(); // Create empty array to store controllers $controllers = array(); // Search all online controllers foreach($atc in $vatsim->getControllers()) { if (substr($atc['callsign'], 0, 4) == 'CZQX') { // Check first 4 chars of callsign for identifier array_push($controllers, $atc); // Voilà, push to our controller array } } vatsimphp is quite dense with methods dealing with VATSIM data, I'll leave a link here in case anybody is interested. https://github.com/skymeyer/Vatsimphp
  14. Andrew Ogden


    Learn something new every day 😄.
  15. The software generating the indicators needs to be moved to a new server. All will be resolved when that occurs 😉
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