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  1. As someone mentioned an alternative solution would be making it look for ICAO + frequencies, like how Euroscope does? And if that does not match then it revert to displaying the whole FIR. In my opinion if we only had the option to not display or display it all when no data is matching I would prefer the whole airspace to be light up.
  2. Would it be possible for vatspy to support UTF-8 (I think?) characters? So characters like ÆØÅ does not result in "�".
  3. Hello. Thanks for the update, really appriciate it! However I do not seem to be able to toggle inactive airports, is this a bug?
  4. Do anyone have an updated link or able to reupload the SBStoProxy?
  5. I will see what I can do with the airports. We do regularly have pilots flying to them in Norway, just like any other smaller airport. Those are VATSIM specific and VATSIM approved sectors that has nothing to do with the real world. URFV is neither of those, URFV is a political conflict which VATSIM does not involve themselves in.
  6. Id recommend you add most of those that are missing for Norway. We have people flying from helipads from oilplatforms, we have airports like ENGK that just dont excist in your data despite it has had an ICAO code for many years, and airports like ENFB that was old Oslo Fornebu closed in 1998 and the ICAO code ENFB now belongs to Statsfjord B oilplatform, which also publishes METAR's. The reason why I did that major work in vatspy was because I often fly TBM900 to small (but ATC covered) airports and quite alot of the airports I flew to did not excist in that data at all, despite it operat
  7. Very well done! Looked at the Norwegian data and it seems very correct. There is one thing however, I can not see you used the updated airport list in the vatspy github page, and as a result you are missing quite alot of airports and even have airports that has closed over 20 years ago in the package, which then again that ICAO code is used now somewhere else. On the VATSpy github page I earlier this year did a major import of missing airfields, airports, platforms and such that resulted in almost 7000 new entries, data were taken from Eurocontrol's database. Another thing you nee
  8. I have gotten the vatglasses application to work now, thanks for the work. A suggestion would be that since you have all sectors shown that it highlights all the sectors an sector cover when you highlight/click on it.
  9. The file phraser works, but one slight issue, it does not seem to support GNG sectorfiles which have sectors formatted like this: SECTOR:ENOR·S21·000·085:00000:08500 The issue is the · symbol, which becomes a � in the file. Also it do not seem to support the letters æøå since they also become a �. ÆØÅ is supported in both Euroscope and vatspy. If you want to test for yourself, download the sectorfile here: http://files.aero-nav.com/ENOR I will test the vatglasses software later today. Also wondering, the airports.txt file that you have included, is that somethin
  10. https://www.openflightmaps.org/wp-content/plugins/ofmTileMap/ofmTileMap_full.php?airac=2005&language=english&coverage&controls This covers many countries in Europe, however it will not help much if you want the coordinates of them. For Norway you can access the AIP https://ais.avinor.no/en/AIP/ > AD 2 Aerodromes > Select the airport > "Charts related to an aerodrome" > "Visual Approach Chart - ICAO" Coordinates are in one of the corners.
  11. does not work After I press OK this error comes:
  12. Wops my bad, but still no luck. Appdata folder: I have also tried to delete all data files and let it download them again without luck.
  13. Norwegian keyboard layout, Norwegian Bokmål as display language, however same issue even when changing to an UK keyboard layout. The files is there in appdata, and your latest release has the exact same issue as before. This is still an issue with the sectorfile parser (downloaded today), I am using the airports file from your github.
  14. Running latest version, and I have not manually updated any data, only accepted the message that asked me when I runned it the first time. I used the airport file which is in your github.
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