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  1. This is now resolved but the explanation is unknown to my knowledge, I trust the IT team are looking into this for any further occurrences. Thank you to Matt and Matt for their assistance in the last couple of days. Louie
  2. In addition to this, it has happened again with a different reason - https://prnt.sc/tbzdqj. Update: I have tried different ATC positions and getting the same error with my AFV client, I've reentered my login details correctly too. However, I can connect to the codec as a pilot on xPilot client with working comms. I've also tried the famous 'on and off' trick and restarted my PC with no joy.
  3. Hi all, Any idea why or how this has happened? https://prnt.sc/tbxyst My account is still active (not suspended) and no SUPs were online at the time when my connection was removed from the network. Although I'd imagine they would send a message beforehand if they were going to remove me. I was able to reconnect straight after. Two hours before this disconnection, I've been unable and still am unable to connect to my AFV client which I've reinstalled with no luck. Kind regards, Louie
  4. Louie Lister


    I hope you don't think this is a silly question but have you tried running it as an admin? Or see if it's running in the background on your Task Manager then you can force close and reopen maybe? First I've heard of this so purely just throwing guesses. Lister
  5. My suggestion, anyway.. Seeing as the low FPS warning is for when controllers are online and how it affects them. Would it be a possibility to deactivate the xPilot FPS warnings when a pilot is tuned to 122.8? Kind regards,
  6. Louie Lister


    Just a quick suggestion that sprung to mind... I occasionally get the FPS countdown warning. It's not a common issue as my frames go back up to 20+ almost seconds later but the countdown still continues. For example, I am currently flying now and my frames dropped to about 18 for a second or two, nothing major. They immediately went back up and it went up to about 25-26fps which is within the limit and the countdown should have stopped, however it continued to give me the 10 second warning and then I have to rush to another camera view that'll give me more frames to make sure it cance
  7. Cheers Justin, that worked! I'll mark this as resolved and let the others know they need to update and remove XSB. Thanks again.
  8. I purposely haven't updated because I heard it was kicking people off with okay frames but I'll update and let you know again.
  9. Not sure if I've uploaded it right but this is it.- https://pastebin.com/CXcQ8znp
  10. Hi Justin, That didn’t work, still nothing displayed on my TCAS after uninstalling XSB.
  11. Okay, let me try this. I’ll be back with you in the next hour or so to update you.
  12. Hi Justin, I still have XSB installed, does it need to be eliminated to allow all xPilot functions to work? Louie
  13. Apologies if I’ve started a thread that’s been written before. I couldn’t see one with the same issue as mine. So all the time I’ve been using xPilot, I’ve been unable to see any traffic on my TCAS, regardless of what aircraft I am flying. I am able to visibly see traffic with model matching but just unable to see them on TCAS. I have just trialed out a flight with XSB and I can now see aircraft on the TCAS. Wondering if this is a glitch with xPilot or if I’m doing something wrong. Some others are having this issue too so thought I’d ask publicly for support/advice. Thanks in
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