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  1. Hey all, Anyone done any VATSIM SSO implementation with NodeJS? Just wanted to see how to integrate it as there are no packages, that I can see at least, that do this (i.e VATSIM SSO package for php). Kind Regards, George
  2. Sorry only just seen this. I managed to integrate it by looking at how others have done it, there are some good examples all over Github. Regards, George
  3. Thanks for your response Michael, however, what I think you're referencing is the 'ts3_server_win32.dll', which is not only for windows but also only works with the FSD server program and isn't the deb package file I was looking for . The file should be of a package file which contains the Teamspeak 3 server files to be able to run on a linux distro, the file used to be located on the changes page of 'euroscope.hu' and was named something like 'package-ests3_1.0.1-i386.deb'. Kind Regards,
  4. Hi all, Anyone got the Euroscope TS3 Server file (the package file). I wanted to setup the teamspeak server for VCCS on my Linux distri and was wondering if anyone was able to supply the files since the Euroscope.hu website is down and I’m unable to get it. Thanks,
  5. Hey Guys, Does anyone have just a base Laravel project with the VATSIM SSO configured? I really can't get it working and anyone who could would be a life saver, I keep getting error messages like 'Token verifier did not match'. Thanks, George
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