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  1. I'm current working on an updated generator for the text ATIS for VATNZ that powers the AFV text2speech voice ATIS via Euroscope. During my testing of the new generator, I've noticed that the voice ATIS doesn't seem to work half the time. I can eventually get it working by swapping severs, but it's never consistent as to pin the problem on one single server. Same with the ATIS string, there doesn't seem to be one single ATIS string or part of the string that causes the issue either. I'm wondering if any other regions are experiencing this and if there are any known workarounds beyond swapping servers until it works? Cheers Alex
  2. At this stage, the P3 course is on hold. This is mainly due to a lack on NZ instructors on the team so I am having to fill in for that role which is taking up most of the time I spend on the ATO at this stage. We are looking to hire more NZ instructors so as soon as we have some I should have free time to work on it again. Additionally, I'm looking to drop some of my roles elsewhere which should also give me more free time to get work done on the P3 course.
  3. Hi All I'm currently doing a survey on peoples preferences and what people look for in terms of Virtual Airlines. It's about a 5-minute survey and it's completely anonymous. If you want you can provide an email to receive a copy of the findings after I close the survey in mid-March. If anyone would like to fill out the survey, you can find it here: https://goo.gl/forms/e0Axew4QhqfcUUt63 Cheers Alex
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