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  1. Come and fly to Norway tonight! Tonight between 1700z and 1900z, Per Kristian will be set on a test to prove he is worth the C1 rating. Come fly in and out of the airspace of ENOS_CTR during the checkout! ENOS is covering the major hub in Norway, Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM) and the regional airports, Kristiansand Kjevik (ENCN) and Sandefjord Torp (ENTO). If you're up for a challenge, why not fly from Gullknapp (ENGK) or Notodden (ENNO), witch is airports with no ATC service, only flight information service. The checkout will start on Tuesday, 22nd of September 1700z. See you on fre
  2. I`m experiencing the same issue. Currently using version 1.3.14 and the latest beta in x-plane.
  3. Where is the party tonight? It´s at ENOS! Thursday, the 7th of May, Bjørn Helge Småvollan will prove that he is worth a C1 rating upgrade. If you´re planning to fly within the ENOS airspace, you're very welcome. Give Bjørn Helge a challenge by flying in the area around Oslo between 17 and 19z. Norway identifies you, and hopes to see you at the party! Scenery, Charts & Briefing
  4. Q1: I usually contact ATC prior the start of the STAR. Have'nt experienced any problem by doing that in North Europe. Q2: Out of what I understand, Helsinki Radar is the approach unit. If the traffic amount is high, Helsinki Arrival will open and handle the final approach to final and Radar will handle the inital approach. You will find them with theese callsigns on VATSIM (if I remember it correct): EFHK_E_APP: Helsinki Radar EFHK_F_APP: Helsinki Arrival If you have any more questions regarding EFHK, I recommend you to visit our pilot site, witch can be found here: https
  5. On 28th of April. it's time for Eemil's C1 CPT at Helsinki Control. From 16-19z there will be excellent staffing at EFHK. Join in for a fun evening of flying in & out or within Finland, and to help the candidate earn his rating! Charts, Briefing & Scenery
  6. It´s time to visit Keflavik! On Saturday 28th March, between 16z & 21z, we´re happy to host a great event with new scenery from MK studios and full ATC coverage around Reykjavik & Iceland. Fly IFR or VFR, in and out of Keflavik this evening. It´s also a great opportunity to refresh your oceanic skills before the coming Cross The Pound Westbound 2020. So what are you waiting for? Welcome to Keflavik! Charts & Briefing: https://vatsim-scandinavia.org/pilots/airports-charts/iceland/
  7. This is today! And if there were any confusion around when the event starts, it`s 1700z. We hope to see you tonight!
  8. Trondheim is in motion tonight! All of you is invited to fly in or out of Trondheim Værnes (ENVA), this evening! There will be good ATC coverage around this area, so what are you waiting for? There are a lot of good opportunities! The fun stuff starts 17z and will unfortunately end 21z, Sunday 8th March. Make sure to be prepared. You will find all charts here!
  9. VATSIM Scandinavia and the Dutch VACC are excited to announce the next city shuttle between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM) and Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM), linking the North European hub and Central Europe hub together. The event takes place on Sunday the 9th of February between 17:30 and 21:00 UTC. Join us for some fantastic ATC on some of the world's busiest airways. You can expect full ATC from both airports and en-route. Charts for Amsterdam and Oslo can be found here and here respectively. Route suggestions EHAM-ENGM: ANDIK N873 KEKIX Z708 AGISU DCT KUGAL DCT KOVIK DCT PIPEX M609
  10. VATSIM Scandinavia is happy to present Norway Live! Around 20 pilots and ATCs are gathered together this year nearby Oslo Gardermoen, right at the HUB in Norway Come and visit us throughout the 24 Hours if you’re Norwegian, British, German, Chinese, Indian, American, Aussie, or in other words, a VATSIM pilot from anywhere! We will staff up the biggest airports in Norway, such as ENGM and ENBR. If you don't want to fly to ENGM or ENBR, for instance, don’t worry, the En-route controllers will be online all the time and guide you to your destination! Do you want to see from the contro
  11. This link is not valid. Please advise as I am interested in few Norway airport sceneries. Thanks, Aharon Hi Aharon! Try this link, it looks like the link was corrupted https://www.flightsimnorway.com/addons/default.php?key=T0QrTFZnMlJrdnhOL1kyQ3RoMG9YeHVoM0hnQjg2Tng2ZlYvdHVhUzhEVT0=
  12. My biggest wish is to make the pilot standard a bit better... A small change, like to require pilots to have a mandatory P1 rating before they can fly and log on, can make big improvements. That´s what I think..
  13. VATSIM Scandinavia is happy to present Discover the Midnight Sun Fly above the arctic circle and experience the brightest weekend of the year in Northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland, just some days after the summer solstice. In addition, you will experience various, but beautiful sceneries and approaches to give you. So bring with your aircraft and fly in the sun, in this bright evening! Scenery ENTC (Payware | P3D&FSX) ENTC, ENBO & ENKR (Freeware | P3D&FSX) ESNQ (Freeware | FSX) EFIV (Freeware | FSX) Charts Norway | Sweden | Finland
  14. Let’s try something new in Norway! VATSIM Scandinavia are happy to present Norway, Good afternoon! We will cover Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM) and Bergen Flesland (ENBR) for 3 hours between 10 and 13z. ENOS and ENSV will also be online, so there is a good chance that your flight will be with full ATC if you fly within ENOS and ENSV’s area. You’re also welcome to fly in and out to and from Norway. We looking to see you in the area this afternoon. See you on the frequency! Scenery, including most of the airports in Norway (freeware) | https://www.flightsimnorway.com/addons/?funct=dl&a
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