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  1. Oh I see, yes removing it has solved the issue. Thank you!
  2. Ah, I remember uninstalling that a few days ago. Is there a way to remove this error?
  3. Hi Ross, I've sent you a PM for you to access it.
  4. I've reset simobjects and I've verified the files in AIG to no avail.
  5. Pretty sure. Every time I start up vpilot that error comes up. I'll have a check with AIG as that could be the culprit.
  6. Hello, I seem to be receiving this error when I start up vpilot. I have not touched anything within the settings of vpilot: Has anyone else had this issue before? Many thanks, Edward
  7. Hello all, I may have discovered a temporary solution to those who have the prevailing issue where Mcafee's real-time scanning malfunctions audio for vatsim: 1. Temporarily turn off real-time scanning. 2. Startup audio for vatsim 3. Turn on real-time scanning. Please let me know if this works. Edward
  8. Thanks, that helped me a lot. But when I file in my cruising altitude should I type in the first cruising altitude that I'm going to climb to, or should I type in the final altitude that I would climb to?
  9. Hi guys. Say for example I was to file a flight plan from Heathrow to JFK. I would fly in a B747 and I create a flight via simbrief. Obviously, there is going to be a step climb throughout the flight because of efficiency. How do I exactly inform atc that I would be doing a step climb at a certain waypoint in the "Remarks" section? Also, when I file a flight plan for the cruising altitude, do I put in the final altitude that I would be climbing up to? Say I type 38000 feet as my crise but I'm actually cruising at 36000 before having to step climb to my final altitude 38000 feet. Would I ty
  10. Thanks for the reply. I understand now
  11. Thanks everyone for your answers. It helped me a lot!
  12. I'm a bit confused when I opened VAT-Spy. I look at the UK and notice that EGTT radar was online. I hover over the EGTT letters, and it showed that he was only controlling "LON_N_CTR". What surprises me is that apparently on VAT-spy he is covering the rest of England and Wales except for Scotland as shown here: http://imgur.com/bxXXiEi LON_N_CTR is supposed to control this area: https://www.vatsim-uk.co.uk/uploads/images/londonfirdiagram.png Does anyone know why this is the case? Thanks
  13. Just wondering what altitude would be the right height to change from STD to QNH.
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