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  1. Well i'll report it anyway as theres a name and a pair of airports so they could probably find that person. If not then ill talk to the admin of the said discord server. Thank you for that information though
  2. Ok ill give that a shot. His discord profile shows account linked with a name too so hopefully that'll make it easier for them
  3. Is there anyone I can contact as I have the booking details so they might be able to figure it out who it is
  4. I had a guy asking in a discord if someone could take his slot and he asked money for it. Is that even allowed considering that other slots are free and first come first serve
  5. Ryan Lorefice


    I need to know what P3D license to get. Is it the Academic one?
  6. There is a new problem arising. I delete the 3 files above and when i restart Euroscope, they reappear
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