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  1. Welcome to the final day of VATPAC's week long event extravaganza as we celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Milk Run Monday! After a short delay, VATPAC invites you back for yet another Panic Stations Event! This time, we - like we have been all week - will be targeting Melbourne Airport. Depart from Sydney International (YSSY,) Adelaide (YPAD,) Canberra (YSCB,) Launceston (YMLT,) or Hobart (YMHB) with full ATC inbound for Melbourne Airport (YMML) between 0700z - 1000z. More info can be found here
  2. Welcome to day six of VATPAC's week long event extravaganza as we celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Milk Run Monday! Do you ever get sick and tired of flying in a B737 at 35,000ft not exploring all that amazing scenery that is hidden below the clouds? VATPAC Invites members of the VATSIM Community to try something different, flights in and around the beautiful Southern Tip of Australia! Fly from either Moorabbin, Avalon, Essendon, or Canberra in your favourite GA or Regional prop aircraft, with Full ATC Services from 0800z - 1100z. Find out more here
  3. Welcome to the beginning of VATPAC's week long event extravaganza as we celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Milk Run Monday! Today (being the special day) we thought we would do something different! Welcome to TMA Turnaround (Double Trouble!) Fly between Melbourne and Sydney with full ATC services for 8 Hours! (0400z - 1200z) as well as ATC services at Canberra from 0700z - 1200z. Fly GA, Regional, Domestic or even International into any of these three airports as we attempt to flood the TMA with as much traffic as possible!!! More info can be found here
  4. VATPAC is proud to present the latest in our new line of events. Light up Queensland! It is time to pull out those regional aircraft and travel across the eastern coast of Australia as we attempt to provide the most realistic ATC services for you as you travel to the luxurious holiday destinations that Queensland has to offer. Travel between Cairns, Hamilton Island, Mackay, Rockhampton and Brisbane with the expectation of full ATC Services from 0700z - 1100z Find out more here
  5. Can someone update the post on the events page... the link was incorrect and has been fixed, all other things are the same.
  6. Backed by popular acclaim, the VATPAC Events Department invite you to join us in one of our most popular events that has been long overdue... Panic Stations... Whether you like flying a B717, B737, DH8D or C172, this event is for you!Once again, we are putting a spin on the traditional event by double-dipping into the 'pot' of awards that we dish out, providing you with double the opportunity to win!!! Fly into Gold Coast (YBCG) or Brisbane (YBBN) with an expectation of full ATC services from 0700z - 1000z! Read More Here
  7. The following NOTICE concerns members of the VATOCE Community currently working towards their P1 & P2 Ratings with the VATSIM Oceania ATO. Good Morning All, On Thursday the 29th August 2019, the VATSIM Oceania Senior Leadership Team called an extraordinary meeting to discuss a number of agenda items that where called to order at the last meeting. One of these was a discussion regarding the VATOCE ATO, and the continued operations from this point forward. After a 20-minute discussion, where the Senior Leadership Team, and the directors for both VATPAC & VATNZ discussed the current situation surrounding the VATOCE ATO, with particular interest to the steady decline in numbers of pilots who are utilising the ATO to train for their P1 & P2 Ratings. The Regional Team came to a resolution regarding the ATO, this is: • As of present, the level of commitment required to produce the P3, P4 & P5 ratings is unjust given the current activity of the ATO • On the 15th September 2019 at 2359z – The VATOCE ATO will suspend all operations for the P1 & P2 Ratings. • As of this notice, further enrolments and requests for exam access with the VATOCE P2 exam have been suspended, members who are currently working through the course have been notified and have until the closing date to complete their rating training. • The P1 exam is still accessible to complete until the closing date. • Once the ATO closes, students who have not completed their P2 Training and attained their rating will be required to outsource to another ATO for the completion of their rating. The VATSIM Oceania Region will keep records of all content that the ATO has produced over the previous two years, and should the region see it feasible to reopen the ATO in the future, the current course material will be available. If you have any questions about this, please email either; • Joshua Micallef | VATOCE Chief Flying Instructor (j.micallef[at]vatoce.net) • Alan Cooke | VATOCE Regional Director (a.cooke[at]vatsim.net) Thanks everyone.
  8. Backed by popular demand, the Events Department invite you to a spinoff of the popular acclaimed VATPAC Panic Stations Event, this time, it's Trans-Continental! Whether you like flying a B717, B737 or even DH8Ds, this event is for you! Depart Alice Springs Airport (YBAS,) Melbourne International Airport (YMML,) or Sydney International Airport (YSSY) bound for Perth International Airport (YPPH) with the expectation of full ATC services for 7 Hours from 0300z - 1000z. Event Details: Panic Stations is a simple, yet quite challenging event. Get as many aircraft flying to the destination airport as possible, with only one objective. Arrive at or after the target time to enjoy bragging rights... Well, until the next panic stations event that is! VATPAC is putting a spin on the traditional Panic Stations Event - Instead of only providing ATC Services for the arrival airfields, VATPAC is providing services for Alice Springs Airport (YBAS,) Melbourne International Airport (YMML,) or Sydney International Airport (YSSY) as possible departure points. Additionally, we are going Transcontinental! Depart in the east, enjoy the slow sun setting as you wiz your way towards the West coast along with a large number of other pilots, all with the same goal as you! Pilots can expect full ATC Services from 0300z - 1000z at all 4 Airfields, and expect full ENR Coverage across the continent! This time, we have two different titles for people to win, these being; JET & NON-JET Winner (From either YBAS/YMML/YSSY) JET/NON-JET Winner (Anywhere other than the departure points.) This has been done in order to create more of a challenge, we invite pilots to fly from Flukeys FIFO airports and WA Airport packs to take out the second title. Touch Down Time for this event is 0900z However, expect heavy delays as we try and accommodate everyone whilst maintaining separation standards! We look forward to seeing you all there! Routes: VATPAC recommends the following routes and departure times for you to arrive into Perth at approximately 0900z - Charts sourced here; YSSY -> YPPH | Departures - 0340z: ROUTE: KADOM H44 BORLI Q32 KAMBI Q32 GRABL Q10 HAMTN Q158 BEVLY SID: KADOM1, DEENA7 STAR: BEVLY5A (03/06), BEVLY5A (21/24) YMML -> YPPH | Departures - 0430z: ROUTE: CRENA Q158 BEVLY SID: CRENA7 STAR: BEVLY5A (03/06), BEVLY5A (21/24) YBAS -> YPPH | Departures - 0600: ROUTE: AS J64 AYE Q41 HAMTN Q158 BEVLY SID: ANGUS5, ARNTU4 STAR: BEVLY5A (03/06), BEVLY5A (21/24) ATC: Controllers interested in controlling the event must be either a VATPAC resident of current VC Controller, more details can be found here Previous Winners: In the previous Panic Stations Event - Launceston & Hobart, the following members took out the winning titles for their respective airports and categories; YMLT - Launceston Airport: JET - Alex Diederich (JST753) | 07:03:26z NON-JET - Pheonix Taylor (SHA806) | 07:00:28z YMHB - Hobart Airport: JET - Blair Shaddock (VOZ1328) | 07:01:05z NON-JET - Ben Childs (BAC) | 07:18:55z' Will you be the next person to take out the Panic Stations trophy? Scenery: Scenery can be sourced from the VATPAC event site here Should you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please contact the events department via the VATPAC forums or by emailing [email protected] We look forward to seeing you at VATPAC's spinoff Panic Stations event!
  9. The VATSIM Oceania Pilot Training Department has released the Q1 2019 Report - It can be found here VATSIM Oceania ATO - Q2 2019 Report
  10. Applications have now closed, thanks to all who applied
  11. The VATSIM Oceania Pilot Training Department has released the Q1 2019 Report - It can be found here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FpjkoyX-moirtipMXcYqJXK7Ll87Giqu
  12. The VATSIM Oceania Pilot Training Department invites applications to members interested in joining the ATO as a Pilot Instructor. Reports To: · VATSIM Oceania Chief Flying Instructor (VATOCE CFI) Direct Reports: · None Duties: · Conduct Practical Check rides with students to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ess their competency. · [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist in writing Pilot Courses where the instructor has been authorized to do so; · [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isting the CFI with any other duties. Requirements: · Be at least 16 years or older at the time of application · Be a member in good standings with the VATOCE Region for a period of 6 Months at the time of your application. · Be able to attain a minimum online presence of 8-10hrs per month on the VATSIM Network. · Devoted to providing 2-3 hours per week too Instructor duties. · Hold a minimum of a P1 Rating · Have proven ability with the use of Flight Simulation and VATSIM Approved Pilot Client Software · Ability to work well in a small group environment. Members interested in applying should write to [email protected] with “VATOCE ATO Instructor Application” as the Subject. Addressing each of the Requirements listed above, as well as your experience and suitably to the role, this email should be in the format of a Resume. Applications that do not follow a resume format will not be considered. APPLICATIONS IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE CLOSE AT 2359 Zulu on Saturday, 18th May 2019
  13. This post has been fixed up - Apologies for the unauthorised mention
  14. Once Again, VATPAC & VATNZ are teaming up to host another amazing event. This time, Fly from YMML - NZCH (Melbourne - Christchurch) during Saturday - Use this event to gear up for Cross The Ditch which will occur later this year. Event Details: You are invited to fly between Melbourne International Airport (YMML) and Christchurch Airport (NZCH) on Saturday 6th of April 2019 Departing Melbourne at around 0000z - Arriving at NZCH at 0400z Flight Time: The total flight time is approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes Flight Plan: CORRS Y260 ECKHO L508 MOLGI ATC: ATC are invited to log onto any of the following positions to provide ATC Services to pilots (Must be VC in VATPAC or VATNZ Airspace to control their jurisdiction) ML_DEL ML_GND ML_TWR ML_APP ML-SNO_CTR BN-TSN_FSS NZZO_FSS NZCH-K_CTR NZCH_APP NZCH_TWR NZCH_GND Please note; BN-TSN_FSS & NZZO_FSS require a Pacific Oceanic Partnership Oceanic Endorsement - https://pacificoceanic.vatsim.net/ Scenery: ORBX Simulations - YMML v3 (Payware) - https://orbxdirect.com/product/ymml ORBX Simulations - AUST Region (Payware) - https://orbxdirect.com/product/au FlyAway Simulations - YMML AFCAD (Freeware) - https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/11315/afcad-file-for-ymml/ ORBX Simulations - NZ South Island Region (Payware) - https://orbxdirect.com/product/nzsi FlyAway Simulations - NZCH AFCAD (Freeware) - https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/10409/afcad-file-for-nzch/ Charts Charts for YMML can be found here - http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/dap/AeroProcChartsTOC.htm#m Charts for NZCH can be found here - https://www.vatnz.net/airspace/airport/NZCH
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