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  1. Just those are the roads that I do not see anywhere. Do not explain more detail. Thank you anyway.
  2. I want to run vpilot on 2 computers but I can not find anywhere the option of HOST and REMOTE, am I using another version? I would like step-by-step instructions if possible. My simulator is Prepar3D v4 and the computer where the simulator runs is windows 8 and the remote is windows 10. Thanks for any help
  3. The microphone calibrates it both in vpilot settings and in windows in the control panel. On the other hand I try recording and listening and the result is correct. That is why do not explain the cause why they can`t hear me.
  4. I can`t connect by voice with ATC. Evrything is workin well, I can hear ATC. When push PTT with no active ATC I hear a buzz. When try to speak with ATC in freq. RX and TX lights go on, etc. But they can hear me. I`m using Prepar3D v4 and PMDG B737. I`m missing something ?
  5. Hi: I can not find anywhere the option to start in host or remote mode. Where is the Prepar3d simulator in settings, the option does not appear. On the remote computer, it asks me for simmconect, I install it but it does not allow me to start. I'm missing something ? The host computer is windows 8 and the remote windows 10. I appreciate any help. As I understand when it is installed, it generates the options for the boot mode. I do not have the shotcut that indicates the start mode.
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