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  1. For someone who has never controlled, that's quite some optimism on human's capability to multitask. In any case, isn't it so that pilots without a slot don't get ATC in the ocean? So why would someone with a slot be requesting an Oceanic Clearance? Should he not be sent to unicom before? How does Moncton know who's got a slot? So the un-existent ATC for planes without slot in Shanwick/Gander will hop onto Reykjavík? I don't see how that works either. Last, one thing I haven't been able to understand is: Pilots with slots fly with ATC in the ocean. P
  2. Could I please get the description of the event updated as follows: VATSPA would like to invite all you to the wonderful and beautiful island of Ibiza for the Opening Parties Event 2020. On the May 9, from 15.00z to 18.00z VATSPA will provide full ATC coverage for flights into and out of LEIB. As we expect quite some traffic we recommend using one of this routes when you enter Barcelona FIR. If entering from the North: PUMAL UN859 BCN UZ174 CORDA If entering from the North-East: PIVUS UZ237 SULID DCT DIMIB DCT POS If entering from the East: S
  3. It would be really cool that VATSIM could coordinate with scenery developers so that the docking system would be connected to a centralised system where in case of events, ATC could coordinate SOBT so the pilot would be able to see right in front of him/her how much time left he/she has before he/she should be calling ATC for PB.
  4. When POSCON gets released I dont think VATSIM will have much to compete with, why don't we face it and just help doing a smooth transition into a more tech advanced network, aren't we all here because we love the hobby? I guess it shouldn't be a problem then to move on to a new place where things probably will be better.
  5. Hello! Reglamento de Circulación Aérea (RCA) https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://sede.fomento.gob.es/NR/rdonlyres/E3EA6786-5FE4-467F-B236-974E990912A1/128216/Txt_Consldd_RCA20141218.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiNvdOU7u7aAhUHOxQKHZ9bBiMQFjAAegQICRAB&usg=AOvVaw2fpihtsOXG5A3PQYrUPW3G IDK why its unnoficial. Biut I've seen the real live one and it's the same but with pictures.
  6. Hi! Vrishabh Sehgal lovely to see you're departing from Barcelona! As described on the briefing-->https://ctp.vatsim.net/system/view/includes/LEBL-CTP-W-2018-pilots-briefing.pdf If you can't fly RNAV: "Once you have completed your planning, and are fully ready for start-up and pushback, you can request clearance from delivery (121.800). If you cannot depart from 07R/25L, advice ATC in your initial call to delivery, as well as if you are not RNAV capable." Id love to see a vintage plane in the event.
  7. I've been trying this program and it could be called ATC_PRO . As a student that I am, I would perfecly glad that my mentor used this software than sweetbox. It's NOT difficult and you can play in solo mode so that means you dont need even a teacher or be a S3
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