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  1. We need standards for pilots. It's demoralizing that controllers need to go through training to be able to provide proper services, but pilots can come on with 0 experience and ruin everything because they don't know better. I have been controlling for 2 years and just resigned because of this. It ruins the ATC's ability to be professional when you have pilots who have no clue of what to do. In essence, all it takes is a basic course that pilots need to go through to be able to fly, similar to the P ratings that already exist.
  2. Yes, Sir! Setting up a .VMR file isn't too difficult. Thanks for the reminder
  3. Hi everyone, I am flying YYZ-AMS for CTP but will be flying using a personal livery. In interest of making CTP more enjoyable for everyone flying this route, I am wanting to make an AI model so you don't see me as a tiny CRJ or default plane. How many folks would be interested in installing the model? Cheers
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