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  1. Myself and other members are reporting on both the VATPAC and VATNZ Discord that vatSys would crash to desktop (CTD) when attempting to connect to the VATSIM network regardless of what vatSys profile is used on version 0.1.7719.33834. Here is the crash report from Event Viewer on Windows: Faulting application name: vatSys.exe, version: 0.1.7719.33834, time stamp: 0x602e1ba7 Faulting module name: clr.dll, version: 4.8.4300.0, time stamp: 0x5f7e61bb Exception code: 0xc00000fd Fault offset: 0x00017e33 Faulting process ID: 0xdc8 Faulting application start time: 0x01d705d17741f58
  2. Unbelievable. Can't wait for that!
  3. I have been getting conflicted responses in terms of advertising a Notice to Airmen / Airwomen from the real world into an ATIS on VATSIM, some divisions do it with VATIS such as VATUSA but in my division VATNZ my Operations Director got back to me saying that it is not allowed to put a real world NOTAM in the ATIS since it is a breach of VATSIM policy. The NOTAMs in my ATIS I was thinking of replicating is like this NOTAM (obtained from a real world Internet Flight briefing service provided by the ATS provider in my country that being New Zealand): B2974/20 FROM: 03 JUN 2020 01
  4. I was that NZZO_FSS controller and I have also been experiencing other pilots for some reason going over to my HF frequency of 8.867 which was supposed to be only linked with VHF alias frequency 129.000; I have verified that these pilots had other VHF stations active on their COM1 or COM2 and not VHF 129.000 or HF 8.867. Nothing on the controller end but for the pilots they keep going onto my frequency. NOTE: EuroScope v3.2 beta, latest AFV client version for me and these pilots also have the latest vPilot update.
  5. I appreciate the replies. Kenneth, what I mean through trolling it's a combination of the following: *Slewing on a active runway / spawning on a active runway while myself or another aircraft is on final where I'm involved and to cause a deliberate loss of separation, * Logging on with rather inappropriate callsigns and revealing names / breaching privacy * Obstructing radio traffic with obscene or inappropriate transmissions on frequency to cause chaos * Operating / moving an aircraft in a controlled airport / controlled airspace without ATC clearance to deliberately cause co
  6. I have had enough... Recently these days for me personally there has been a dramatic increase in stream sniping on the VATSIM Network and I have fallen victim to a lot of people deciding to troll or har[Mod - Happy Thoughts] me on the VATSIM Network all knowingly due to the fact I am streaming on Twitch and they wanted to ruin the fun not only for myself but for other pilots too whenever I'm controlling especially. Such conduct is a breach of VATSIM Code of Conduct, and many instances fall under these sections Section A1: "Members should, at all times, be courteous and respectful
  7. Some good advice for the newer controllers here, and I can say it's good, despite myself sometimes going outside ATC jurisdictions to help in the past. So basically rejecting clearances to fly is not a breach of VATSIM CoC and CoR?
  8. Since my FIR, New Zealand Domestic (NZZC) and many other FIRs worldwide are adopting the technology of Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) in the real world, is there ever a possibility of implementing ADS-B simulation in radar clients like EuroScope or VRC by default? As far as I know, only plugins like TAAATSMod for EuroScope v3.1d for VATPAC airspace can simulate ADS-B coverage but when using default EuroScope profiles like for example a SkyLine profile that I use to replicate the Lockheed Martin SkyLine system used inside New Zealand's two FIRs (NZZC and NZZO Oceanic),
  9. Sounds a lot intuitive than the default EuroScope sounds. Thanks mate
  10. Ah, made it on the original list This is some cool stuff. Hopefully VATSIM can link up with streamers and also use streams to talk VATSIM, good things, constructive criticism etc. so this keeps thriving on.
  11. I have been having problems that whenever I am streaming controller sessions connected to VATSIM, on Twitch, I seem to have occasions where people would end up stream sniping the controller on the network by spawning on the runway deliberately or by descending below controlled airspace without a controller's clearance. All this is deliberately ruining the enjoyment of VATSIM for the controller who strives to provide a good service for pilots on a frequency to ensure separation and safety, plus also ruining the fun of the controller to stream on Twitch showcasing the operations of a VATSIM
  12. New Zealand from the scope of Auckland Control (NZCH-R_CTR)
  13. Oh, on a Saturday Night Ops event on Auckland Control (NZCH-R_CTR) 126.0 down in New Zealand ZKOGO - Request to be away from cockpit for 30 seconds Myself - Approved ZKOGO - Gonna go get my coffee Myself - laughs over frequency slightly, thinks it's what typical pilots say when they head off for a drink 2 minutes later.. (in the sound of a Spongebob time card if you imagine) ZKOGO - Ok the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers changed their heads, request direct to Napier Myself - Roger, confirm changing your destination to NZNR from NZGS? ZKOGO - Affirm Myself - Ok, track direct Nap
  14. Photobucket these days have been becoming worse and IMO they have been digging themselves a rather deep hole that they would less likely come out of. Personally I use Imgur for flightsim screenshots and some EuroScope images and use prntscr for some screenshots and they're free to use. It's better off these days using Imgur and prntscr for images these days, but on prntscr some screenshots disappear after a month or so, to conserve bandwidth. It's just amazing and I can go and straight away save the screenshots from Imgur that were uploaded on the flightsim PC and save on pretty much other
  15. Over these past several days when I control ATC positions on VATSIM there is a increasing trend where at times, don't know if it's EuroScope (my ATC client) or the pilots side but at times whenever I tend to give instructions on voice, pressing my PTT, my voice is observed to be transmitted but the pilot never receives the voice instruction and just never reads back, but 1 or 2 minutes later the pilot asks for clearance etc or requests again despite myself already given the instruction to the pilot, Secondly another matter is where pilots ask to repeat the instruction again and as I tell a
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