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  1. One of the first things I would try is to add a hardcoded item such as "TEST ITEM" in the new popup list (below line 858). Temporarily comment out all the code below (860-868) and see if a popup shows on the screen. If this is the case, that means the adding elements part is not working. If it does not work, then there's a problem with opening the popup (maybe you need to close the previous?). This just came to my mind and I'm in no means known with the ES plugin development. But that's the things I would first check if you haven't already.
  2. The following one works until 31-12-2021: tgABAMk/xvMKodQBAAVCsdm/1QEBAJIATGljZW5zZU93bmVyPVB1YmxpYyBWQVRTSU0gbGljZW5jZSxNYXhDb250cm9sbGVycz0yLE1heFByZXBhcjNkPTIsRG93bmxvYWRVcmw9aHR0cDovL3d3dy5ldXJvc2NvcGUuaHUvbGljZW5zZS9QdWJsaWNWYXRzaW1MaWNlbmNlLnR4dCxNYXhSZXN0YXJ0PTVoOAYysnmozOcvXeXL5btTTIrqBV1oWYQ1zcAZuFTVOkUevmgH9WsBAC6GQ+tj/Xs=
  3. I tried NatTrack last week on my first Oceanic flight, but the dropdown (I believe it was a dropdown) didn't show any NAT tracks that are available. Was this a bug at the time (Saturday)?
  4. As we use a different program to generate our ATIS text and put it in ES ATIS text box. The "start single record playback" button used to push the new ATIS letter to other controllers. This doesn't work in the current ES beta as previously discussed by others here. So I tried the option with the URL, by doing the following: - Create a dummy webservice that returns a hardcoded ATIS text (technically it's flexible with an API POST call, but that doesn't matter here) - ES recognizes this and puts the correct ATIS text in the text box - Also checked the "automatically generate new A
  5. Cross the Pond was very fun again! The stream of arrivals was very well organized and didn't feel too busy at all. Two screenshots of my scope here as Arrival 2 and North Ground.
  6. That would be a very welcome addition! As I usually control, I encounter a wide range of volume in pilots under my control and some really hurt my ears, while some are barely readable.
  7. That would be a wonderful change! It's the main reason I'm not using this plugin unfortunately.
  8. Been using this one for a while, and it's so much better. Especially the start-up sound 😅
  9. Unfortunately, this was not the solution for us. In our default controller packs, this was already disabled by default. Performance was still very bad during the previous CTP.
  10. No, we don't keep records of that.
  11. You don't do controller coordination on a Teamspeak server (or equivalent)? Text coordination takes much longer, especially for go-arounds etc. The problem mostly occurs when a pilot sends me a private message.
  12. You can also click on the left of the individual message to mark only the individual message as read. Instead of all unread messages. Easiest if you can handle one or two text pilots at a time, but others after them are still waiting. Also. Aliases makes your life so much easier! The amount of times I still had a private chat open, used an alias for a text pilot, and it was sent to the private chat instead of the frequency. 😅
  13. Looks good. However, I fail to see the connection with Euroscope (because it's posted in the Euroscope category).
  14. Hello all, With the introduction of the latest beta, there's two problems with the ATIS I'd like to address. First, the ATIS doesn't seem to pick up the correct frequency anymore. It should be 132.975 for EHAM_ATIS, but it stays at 199.998 (the default). Secondly, to 'update' the ATIS letter (A, B, C, ...) to all other EHAM controllers on duty, the ATIS host (TWR/APP usually) clicks on 'start single record playback' (and since AFV 'stop ATIS playback' thereafter because that's no longer needed). This pushes the current ATIS letter to online controllers. However with the introduc
  15. Can confirm this happening to some users in the Dutch VACC. Downgrading to previous beta for now.
  16. I don't know about you, but I've spoken to a few real life controllers and pilots and they say real life audio is waaaaaay better. Super clear quality. I did a flight in the USA again after a long time not flying there and I could barely understand the controller at all.
  17. Yes, in our sector files, the frequencies are stored in the VOICE txt-file.
  18. Bram uses the Dutch sector files (he also posted this on the DutchVacc forum) and the frequencies are in a settings file. So probably the settings file didn't load correctly.
  19. If he doesn't speak English and there's controllers on, he wouldn't be able to get a clearance, taxi etc. And if he ignores controllers, supervisors can get involved.
  20. We use Euroscope for the controlling, but we have our own ATIS generator application which automatically processes the METAR, gets the real life active runways (which we can override) and the Transition Level. We only have to choose the ATIS identifier and possible extras. I think Martijn might be right on this. (He's an APP controller at our division)
  21. I am not entirely sure why it is not done that way. Tower controllers rostered for that event got the extra audio files from our event coordinator and we just follow the instructions. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume there is a reason for this, but I do not know this myself.
  22. It was during our Friday Night Fly-in event. I was one of the persons that hosted the ATIS as well. As you can see, the text ATIS ends with 'extra'. During our inbound peak or outbound peak, we added a manually spoken soundtrack with more information. Inbound peak: arrivals from RIVER and SUGOL expect runway 18R. Arrivals from ARTIP expect runway 18C. Departures from runway 24. Outbound peak: runway 24 for SPY3K, VALKO1S, BERGI1S. Runway 18L for REN1E, LOP3E, KDD1E, ARN3E. Arrivals to runway 18R. (Due to the amount of inbounds and outbounds, we used a 2+2 runway combination (two arrival
  23. Seriously though, the tower theory involves a lot and it does get more difficult, especially with VFR traffic and/or many aircraft. Definitely this. I'm now an S1 Tower controller at EHAM and it's definitely more than just "cleared for takeoff" and "cleared to land". Dealing with VFR traffic (the rare moments they are there) in the CTR is much more difficult and could increase the workload quite a lot, especially if it's a CTR crosser or not on a standard procedure, like doing circuits. Each position needs training and it depends on which airport, but each position has its own difficu
  24. Gave the (text) pilot his flightplan clearance. He never responds with the readback. He proceeds to suddenly pushback. He finally stops a minute after I asked him to stop immediately (there was other traffic pushing next to him) and said he didn't even read back his flightplan clearance. Around 10 minutes later (still in the pushed position, half-blocking the taxiway) he asks for another pushback and then this happened:
  25. I never saw observers on things like vPilot and obviously you can't see yourself in Euroscope.
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