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  1. I am using FSX Steam Edition. I will download the AFCAD that you sent me. After many reroutes and delays, I ended up departing off of Runway 36R, and I just intercepted the 100 degree radial from the Schiphol VOR to get back to my SID. Next time I fly out of Schiphol, I'll make sure to update it!
  2. 18R/36L is the newest runway, but 18C/36C should be there. I've seen people announce landing on 18R, then landing on 18C. I figured they had old scenery. Are you saying you have only one 18/36? Usually controllers are aware of outdated layouts and give the pilot another runway/taxiway that he or she has. Yes, as weird as it sounds, I only have one 18/36. It has to be a scenery bug. I have FTX OpenLC Europe installed, so there may be some conflict there.
  3. So today I was going to fly KLM432 from EHAM-EGSS and I got clearance and pushed back. I informed ATC that I had the default Schiphol and thy gave me directions to taxi to 36L, then to 36C. When I followed their taxiway instructions, I found I was heading to Runway 9. When I looked at the chart for present-day Schiphol and an overhead view of the airport in my sim, I noticed 36L and C were completely nonexistent and so were their taxiways. I have no idea if 36L/C is even IN the default Schiphol. I kept referring to the chart from modern-day Schiphol, but it was apparent that I would have to ta
  4. Hi Randy, I actually do live in the USA . I also fly the Concorde X, but Concorde's flight plans were special so I have no problem flying the CIVA INS on Concorde X and loading the pre-programmed ADEU cards. It's creating an entirely new flightplan that gets me a lot. I could try and look up on AirNav for waypoint lat/longs, and when I fly a VOR approach or I file a non-RNAV SID, I just use the coordinates of the VORs/waypoints the SID gives me. Seems to work alright. When I fly the 707, I usually set my equipment code to /Z, since I do use the default GPS and if absolutely necessary, I
  5. Hi all! I recently got around to buying the Captain Sim 707, and it is an amazing aircraft to fly. I also added the CIVA INS to the panel, and I love it. Flying with an INS is so much more immersive and hands-on than just following that little magenta line Only problem is, I can't seem to find a way to put SIDS and STARS onto the CIVA INS accurately, especially if they're RNAV (The 707 technically isn't RNAV capable, but I fly with the default Garmin GPS as well ). Because of this, 9 times out of 10 I generally file a flight plan that has radar vectors to my first waypoint. (I know
  6. If you download a flight plan for the default FSX Garmin GPS, all of the waypoints will be plugged into the GPS automatically and it will function as a normal waypoint. Just make sure to have your NavData files up-to-date! As far as going direct in the default GPS, you can use the D> key, and then enter it.
  7. So I set up a flight at Heathrow, and I asked for clearance as normal. "Heathrow tower, BAW001 is at stand 421 with info D, QNH 1025, IFR to New York." Heathrow Tower didn't seem to hear me and continued reading back other planes' clearances. I repeated my clearance request again 5 minutes later. All he said was "Standby." He continued with other planes. Finally I asked a third time again 5 minutes later, and he said my flight plan was not filed. I checked vPilot and it clearly said [17:43:20] Flight plan filed. I told him my flight plan WAS filed but he continued talking to th
  8. I thought you said you couldn't tell us how many times it's happened? Just twice isn't too terrible. Keep in mind the runway they land on depends on the wind, just like it does for bigger jets. Just because they're a prop doesn't mean they'll be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned a different runway. As Ernesto pointed out, GA traffic at larger Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B airports, while also not extremely common, isn't rare. Members of my flight club and I (real-world) fly into Boston Logan 1-2 times every year. They do in fact mix as long as the air traffic control is able to sequence them prop
  9. Huh! I stand corrected. I'm surprised I never see a general aviation aircraft whenever I planespot there though.
  10. I am a pilot in training, and I always fly out of KSDL (Scottsdale) when I do my flight training in my Cirrus SR20. The biggest plane that I've seen land there is a CRJ-900. I regularly go planespotting at Sky Harbor and I don't think I've ever seen a Cessna or a Cirrus ever land there... Correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. For #1, I am not exaggerating. It seems that whenever I fly to most places in the southwest this can happen. This has happened recently when I've flown into KPHX. Most recently there was a C182 landing on 7L, and I was told by the approach controller to turn to a vector for spacing. Took about 10 minutes before I was cleared to land for the ILS. But yes, I understand there ARE many general aviation airplanes landing at commercial airports, but sometimes things can get a little out of hand. It doesn't happen often, I'll say, but I guess I've been in the wrong place at the wrong time . Who know
  12. This has probably been said before, but I'm just voicing my opinion on it. Just 3 things I wanted to address: 1. Commercial airliners and Cessna's don't mix. I can't tell you how many times I've been landing at major airports in the US where I'm stuck in a holding pattern while a Cessna 182 or PA28 is landing in front of me on the same runway that's in use for commercial airliners. Please, if at all possible, land at a municipal airport that doesn't hold the flow of commercial traffic. 2. Listen! I can excuse beginner pilots from this because, well, they're new, but some of the pilots
  13. For those of you who fly Concorde a lot on VATSIM (as I do), here is a list of all of the real-world scheduled Concorde flights made by British Airways and Air France from 1992 up until their retirement in 2003. I hope you find this list as useful as I did . Air France: AFR001: JFK-CDG /Daily/ DEP:08:00 ARR:17:45 AFR002: CDG-JFK /Daily/ DEP:10:30 ARR:08:25 British Airways: 1992-2000 JFK Schedule - BAW001: LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:10:30 ARR:09:25 BAW002: JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:12:15 ARR:21:00 BAW003: LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:19:30 ARR:18:25 BAW004: JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:13
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