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  1. On the 10th of April Vatsim Germany and Turkish vACC are pleased to invite you to THE ORIENT EXPRESS, where you can experience full atc coverage from Frankfurt to Istanbul. Depart from 1500z until 1800z at Germany's biggest airport and arrive about two hours later in the heart of Turkey. Flughafen Frankfurt (EDDF) Airport Briefing Charts Freeware Scenery MFS2020 Freeware Scenery FSX/P3D Freeware Scenery X-Plane (already included) Payware Scenery X-Plane Payware Scenery P3D v4/v5 Payware Scenery FSX/P3D Flughafen Istanbul (LTF
  2. Which are the 2 busiest airports in Germany? Frankfurt and Munich! This is an excellent opportunity to invite you all to a regular shuttle with full airspace and a lot of capacity for every aircraft class! Every 4 weeks, the vACC Germany will open up the approx. 160nm long track with the proven efficient and friendly professional service over more than 4 hours! With these words: Join the Traffic! Next Date of the Shuttle: Friday, 9th October 2020, 19-23lcl (17-21z) The following routes are highly recommended for the event: EDDF>EDDM: CINDY Z74 HAR
  3. "Back to home" This is the motto under which the Turkish vACC and Vatsim Germany have planned a real bang for the end of the holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia. In real life it's the most flown passenger route of both airports and now we offer it on Vatsim! This holiday shuttle allows you to bring back your passengers from Turkey to Germany. The Antalya airport opens its doors from 15:00z and allows you to start your flight to Cologne-Bonn until 17:30z. Enjoy two Super Airports with full ATC service and a breathtaking flight between the holiday paradise Antaly
  4. In cooperation between RG Berlin and RG Düsseldorf we invite you to the City Shuttle between Düsseldorf EDDL and Berlin Tegel EDDT. This shuttle was not very common in the past, so that shortly before the closure of the airport Berlin Tegel you will be offered a real treat. Between 17z and 20z you can expect full ATC coverage at both airports and lots of air traffic, also Enroute ATC is provided. Let's experience this shuttle together and have fun, this shuttle will not be available again with Berlin Tegel We are looking forward to meeting you We recommend the following city routes f
  5. Dear pilots! VATGER and VATUK are pleased to announce a new version of a cargo shuttle within the european airspace! On the 03rd October you are heartly invited to attend the Cargo-Night Triangle Event! The airports Cologne (EDDK), Leipzig (EDDP) and East Midlands (EGNX) will provide full staffed ATC Service to get you save from A to B or C. We will be online from 15z until 20z and we are more than happy to connect three of the busiest cargo hubs in Europe for our "Cargo-Fans"! 😉 Jump into your freighters and carry all the important stuff right through the european airspace. Of c
  6. Roger, thank you for explaining. We'll try to graphically adapt our banners (while being in line with all guidelines) hence solving this problem until the website is done. Anyways, thanks for clarifying and keep up the good work.
  7. Dear Layth, thank you very much for the quick correction. However, due to changing the format to 16:9 it now looks like this in the event feed. The previous format (which I agree was technically not in line with the new guidelines) would have lead to a clean preview without any cut images. Is this wanted or is there maybe a correction of guidelines needed? Sorry for bothering you and BR Sven
  8. Dear Layth, thanks for the info. Banner changed and format will be respected in future posts. BR Sven
  9. So far, an insider tip at the start of the week - now an event for everyone. As every Monday, the airports of Düsseldorf and Nuremberg will again staff their towers on Saturday, September 26th and provide you with first-class service. What was previously just a normal "Weekly" will now be an event in cooperation between the two regional groups. This time the RGs Düsseldorf and Munich will therefore offer their service for a full 5 hours from 1500z (17:00 lcl) This leaves enough time for the outbound and return flight not only for the airline pilots. VFR pilots can also fly the distance of a
  10. This Monday will not be a normal Düsseldorf Monday! on October, 5th, we have our Düsseldorf Monday. But this time it will be different than you know it. We have planned something really exciting for you. We proudly present to you the first Düsseldorf-Real-OPS. From 17:00z - 20:00z our experienced controllers will take over the airport and guide you under real NOTAM conditions to and from Düsseldorf. So take the opportunity to get a very realistic flight! Fly VFR for a few traffic pattern or fly IFR and enjoy the real service on this evening. Of course w
  11. VATSIM Germany in cooperation with Polish VACC are delighted to invite you to City Bridge event! During this splendid Wednesday evening you have opportunity to fly both Warszawa and Cologne during this 3-hour long event! Want to try your hand at bizjet? Or want an excuse to fly for a cargo operator? Very well, now is your chance! Two grand and beautiful airports with full ATC! We are looking forward to seeing you! Pilot Briefing: EPWA Pilot Briefing EDDK Pilot Briefing Scenery: EPWA: FSX/P3D Payware | FSX/P3D Freeware | XP11 Freeware | XP11
  12. Friendly Reminder. Can this be posted into the event calendar? Please send contact details for bribe 😉
  13. Dear Deon, I have exchanged the Banner in my post above. The format I used was incorrect in regard to the vatsim event calendar. If it's not too much trouble, I would be thankful for an update. Thanks and kind regards, Sven p.s.: I don't know if you are updated on this so I will send you a short PM.
  14. Choosing a flight destination, it is not always about beautiful beaches or bright shining skylines - even if we can offer that too in the vicinity of the cities Leipzig and Halle. Some planes even don't have windows but big doors for loading. Of course, we are talking about cargo planes! This is what the airport Leipzig/Halle is specialized in and we want to use that to present you an overlong event. On August 22nd between 16 and 22z, you can pick your favorite cargo aircraft and use the facilities of the DHL-cargo terminal in the south of the airport. Passenger aircraft are also warmly welcom
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