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  1. Hi All! I go to connect to my vPilot, and while I have success my radios are in white text and everytime I launch vPilot remote mode with voice on my remote pc I get a unhandled exception with the code 0x8889000A, I love to know any answers to get this resolved. Cheers Harry
  2. Right, I want it to connect on my client pc, not my host pc. But on both pc's, it can;'t connect
  3. I'm not sure, but I've had this error come up with regards to the configuration file? Where is that?
  4. I have tested without it just now, nothing. Do you know how I could contact Pete D?
  5. I have no other addons like Xsqwuakbox, Better pushback, but that makes no difference. Should I uninstall XUIPC?
  6. The error message that comes up is that it can't connect to X-Plane, and I have X-Plane closed when its being installed etc. I am following the instructions correctly
  7. So, I'm using a network, with XPWideclient and when I launch into xplane, no matter on the host pc or the client pc, it still does it
  8. Hi, I've just installed XPilot and about to fly, all my ports are fine, but then it can't connect to Xplane, Audio for Vatsim and Xpilot. I'm not sure why Can someone help? Thanks
  9. Never mind! I fixed it. Just don't install Duet Display as it breaks the map for VAT-Spy and PFPX
  10. Hi, I have a major issue that has occurred today. I opened vatspy and my map is white, as seen here https://prntscr.com/ly0pia, but I click on a tab and go back to the map this happens, https://prntscr.com/ly0qpm bearing in mind i've clicked on the mouse tab. I've use VAT-Spy for 2 years and had no issue, but this one is weird, I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it and deleted the config and installed it clean. If someone can help would appriciate it. Thanks, Harry
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