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  1. Been okay for last few days (long haul flights). Got one from CYYZ - PHNL today as per pic below fyi. Mate I was flying with got one from KSFO-CYYZ yesterday. https://ibb.co/LPGn5jF
  2. I've heard that the AFV team is testing an update that will detect drops and automatically reconnect. Once it's deemed working I imagine it will be a little more time for each of the Pilot Client developers to incorporate the new AFV code into their software. There's no ETA that I'm aware of, but, it seems like progress. Thank you.
  3. Topic was raised locally about vpilot disconnecting pilots during flight. I thought it was just me until numerous others also reported the same issue. It appears that during flight vpilot will disconnect from the voice server (or so it states). We decided it would be best to post this issue on this forum to see if others are having this issue and to report as it is occurring frequently?. Its not just the SY-1 server that this is occurring on. Have posted a picture of the issue from another member who reported it. It doesn't occur all the time however it is quite frequently. TO correct the
  4. Thanks i installed the beta today and can confirm that it works with .towerview. would be great to see taats working with it.
  5. Hi all, Been trying to get towerview up and running with 3.1 euroscope, with TAATSmod (Aus) and vpilot2 beta. I can successfully connect via .towerview in vpilot but no aircraft are seen. I have heard that version 3.1 euro with TAATS mod will prevent seeing aircraft and need to move up to 3.2 to see aircraft again due to a fix? If this is true then I'm guessing the TAATSmod wont work? Is this correct, has anyone found a good workaround to have tower view working?
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