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  1. Hello Steen, It's very nice to see that you are using our forums for one of its primary purposes; asking questions. There are multiple ways of checking for nearby ATC in your area. The first method is using your controller client by looking in the list of nearby controllers. This method doesn't always work as some stations are not named after the area you are flying in. I therefore recommend using one of the other alternatives below. I would personally recommend VATSpy, you can download VATSpy from: http://www1.metacraft.com/VATSpy/ VATSpy is an application that's easy to unde
  2. Hi Justin, The information contained in an atis in the US is different from the rest of the world. Therefor vAtis doesn't work well in other parts of the world as it doesn't read out the sky condition, like CAVOK etc. Please correct me if I'm wrong with this. It would be awesome if you could adapt the program to support other parts of the world as well. Thanks for your work!
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