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  1. No need, only store what you need for Moodle to function, which is pretty much username, name and email.
  2. The Moodle documentation of OAuth2 user field mappings isn't great, I had to dig quite a while to figure this out for ourselves a while ago. Long story short, if the data is returned in a array that you need to nest, you use "-" to indicate this in the field mapping. For instance "data-id" and "data-personal-name_first". This is probably your issue here, also as Matt said, service URL should be auth.vatsim.net. You can find the data structure here: http://wiki.vatsim.net/connect.html under "Return Data Structure". I can't give you the exact copy of our settings as we've a quite differen
  3. Same issue, this also causes password managers to think it's a credit card as well πŸ™‚ Pretty frustrating πŸ˜„
  4. Congrats on getting a Discord server for VATSIM globally, this will surely be a great addition with the soon to come influx of new members. When logging in there, it seems that it'll be possible to join more than the global server. VATSCA is now just in works of remaking our Discord server and authentication bot – but with comminity.vatsim.net released I believe there will be more streamlined joining of Discord servers within VATSIM. Is it possible to get some information about the purpose of community.vatsim.net and if you think about allowing VACCs into that service? VATSCA would b
  5. Best of two worlds then? Make two of the high-level accounts (e.g. 10000009 & 10000010) have the same e-mail, rest can be unique? Because having all accounts with the same or equal addresses only aren't good test cases. πŸ™‚ We need at least some unique accounts because majority of users on VATSIM are private users which should only have one unique account which indirectly translated to unique address as well.
  6. Is there any news on the unique email addresses for the auth-dev accounts? πŸ™‚ Could you perhaps simultaneously make the names unique as well? For instance "Web One", "Web Twelve" or something?
  7. Not sure if this is just me, but I've tried this across two different services and experience the same. When I try to test giving insufficient data access (where the user ticks off which scopes to share) on auth-dev, it just redirects to auth (production) login and not back to my service. Could it be that auth-dev just have a small misconfig? πŸ™‚ Pretty much reproduce this by logging in with ticking off any scope.
  8. I've a question if the auth-dev accounts could be configured to have unique e-mails? Many services (that's not made by us, for instance forum software) use e-mail as the unique key to identify users. It becomes a bit tricky to test with when all auth-dev accounts 10000002, 10000003 and so on are the same email and we want to test πŸ™‚
  9. I like this idea. I disagree with Nestor about MVPs. MVPs are a perfect way to create some shit code and test the need and usage of such service. You'd rather use one evening on creating this, and then see how it performs. If it ends up to be scrapped two months later, you still just lost one evening, instead of hyping a whole community, using weeks on the development and then find out you didn't cover any needs and it ends up not being used. With that being said, I guess a discussion and perhaps just a short survey for existing vACCs would be a place to start, to get an indication if it'
  10. Just thought to share the good news here with you others: https://github.blog/2020-04-14-github-is-now-free-for-teams/ GitHub is a very popular platform for git, and especially open-source, so I hope this will encourage more vACCs to share their codes and make it easier to search for repos, than saving it on your private accounts πŸ˜„
  11. I can add that Vatsim Scandinavia uses Contabo.com, we pay 5€/monthly, so 60€/yearly for our VPS. Four cores 8 GB RAM 200 GB (SSD) Running Ubuntu Very reasonable price, and we're very happy with the quality of the 6 months we've used them as the host. It requires of course that you're familiar with Linux and can maintain your own server and setup everything.
  12. Thank you for your reply. We understand the decision of limiting information given in light of GDPR and in similar privacy regulations. However, I'd like to emphasise the importance for us (vACC) to have updated member lists, which is not possible if the VATSIM SSO will be the only source of data. This causes us to only get updates of a member's vACC upon login creating the problem of not knowing when a member has left our vACC. This data is often used to notify our training staff of someone who potentially should be removed from ATC training queue. We'd like to know if this challenge is t
  13. Hello, I'm having a freeze issue with the Euroscope after I've loaded a SCT file. This seems to happen both in r18 and r20, and even my backup copy of r18 version where I had everything set up and working. After I open a SCT file and click on "Display Settings", whole Euroscope freezes in about 5-10 seconds, before the window pops up. When closing, it freezes again. This is very annoying, especially when trying to do many changes in the display settings. Based that this happens both on my backup, and fresh installs I believe it is my Windows perhaps? I'm running on the newest Windows 1
  14. Interesting thought, however this issue only seem to happen if you use the VATSIM SSO. If you login with username and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word, you don't get logged out like that.
  15. Perhaps it's not the best practice in terms of realism, but let's be honest; when flying in cruise we often tab out the game and watch Netflix, make dinner or wash some clothes. I bet most of you don't fancy ticking the option in the flight sim to hear sounds even when tabbed out, so you can engine roars on top of Netflix. So when will you know something fails? When you come back and your flight has respawned? As a small side project I've now created Pilo[Mod - lovely stuff]ch, it's a small program which communicates with the flight sim, and PMDG airplanes, to monitor for warnings on your flig
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